Inside The Awesome New VW Camper "California"

We love the new VW Camper! Oddly enough, it’s called the “California,” even though it won’t be sold in America. Come on, VW! What gives? Sell that beauty over here!
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  1. ok not to be a jerk but guy you look like you are about 5'4" so yeah everything is going to be a nice fit….no way in heck is this going to work for a 6'5" individual not to mention a couple

  2. So now the roof cant be pushed up, you have to use a control panel instead (looking suspiciously like the arduino control panel on my cheapo 3d printer). Imagine, getting to the camp site with your kids and discovering you cant get their bedroom open LOL The table set up is really odd too as it blocks off the doors when its stowed. Sometimes simple is better.

  3. Too bad not here in America but it needs more storage for camping/travel and why didn't they fix a way to have a curtain for the shower on the back door? Also I would prefer a hybrid with gas that charges the electric part and switches when needed for more power to gas and then back to electric when no gas is needed. Because who knows where in the wild you could get power to charge it? I just wish they had made it a bit bigger so that you could pack more items because that wouldn't hold our items for travel.

  4. Naming California on anything is not a good selling tactic these days. The VW camper is an expensive sardine can. Remember, in the US, canvas campers are ‘verboten’ in some National Park and state park campgrounds “… grizzly country, only hard-sided campers (no tents or tent campers) are allowed.” There have been too many unpleasant incidents

    Show up in that VE rag top and you will be sent away.

  5. 1:30 I like that LOL. Take off shoes when you walk into a home.
    I don't like how you had to go to a menu to open the roof though. The settings can be in a menu, but direct functions should not be. What if the control box had some problem, you'll lose the ability to open that roof.

  6. Germans must shit everywhere outside – They didn't show a toilet with this video?.. but I'm sure You can take a shovel with you to dig your toilet everytime you want to poo. There are also small portaloos available.

  7. I am more interested in removing the rear seats and stiil being able to use the table. This seems built for four people, but I don't like such close quarters. Especially when the toilet might be a drill with a garden auger to dig a hole. Door panel furniture is perfect though.

  8. VW camper vans are just a fashion statement, and like everything to do with fashion you are making a compromise to be ‘fashionable’
    In the case of the VW campervan the main compromise is comfort

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