INSANE: California Plans to Become ABORTION SANCTUARY

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California is considering plans to become an abortion sanctuary state if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade following the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.

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  1. Accidental and unplanned pregnancies happen all the time and ruin lives. When will you guys start having some empathy for other humans and let people live their lives.

  2. Ben love your show and i agree with nearly everything you say about every subject you talk about but dont you think abortion is actually sometimes good? because people are having babies they cant look after and it aint fair for them to suffer?

  3. I moved from California this year. I've had to explain to the people I meet that it's not the same California as in the moves or what it was 20 years ago

  4. Born in Upland and lived there for a decade. Parents packed us up and moved out in the early 90s. My brother and I didn't get it. Now I get it, they saw this coming.

  5. Sounds a whole lot like you are basing this off your feelings instead of facts 🤣 if Texas wants to let people sue people who get abortions and doctors who perform abortions, why not let California protect the rights of women. Raising kids in this current world we live in is hard because the costs are too high. Medical bills, childcare, it's not worth it. Stop bitching about abortions if you don't have solutions or want to provide solutions to women.

  6. I can't stand being in this state anymore. It's been time to get the f out for some time now. I was born in San Diego grew up in lake Morena. Never knew how bad this state was until I was older.I always been 2A
    be leaving in the Constitution. Never once have I thought of my self as a Democrat. I know history they are the founders of jim crow laws and the kkk why would anyone in there right mind vote for that. Just shows how stupid people are. Or there the real racist. What crazy all my people are the same way I am. I'm not talking about blood family for the most part a lot of them think like me. I'm talking about my bro who are my family I don't have friends you can't trust a friend. A brother I trust with my life and I know it's the same for them.

  7. My dad was born and raised in California. I dont tell people that I was born there .I only lived there for 2 years dad was in the military so we left . Thank God. I love all my aunts and uncles but they are all brainwashed

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