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In recent years, there have been many calls to partition the US state of California into two, three, or even six new states, from the state of Jefferson to the Cal3, and Six Californias, today we ask what if California was broken up?
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  1. The three states aren’t supposed to add up to 55 electoral votes after being split up. They should add up to 59 votes because each state will get two senators

  2. Or maybe just make the US use proportional representation? That way your vote actually counts, and one party doesn't completely rule over the other. Proportional representation also allows smaller parties to gain traction, which would encourage people to vote for a party that isn't the two big ones, ie: Green, Libertarian or Patriot, (Trump's possible new party). The more parties, the better represented everyones ideas are, which equals less anger toward each other which equals getting more shit done, which is literally the governments job.

  3. I've been in contact with the Jefferson folk, I have suggested they forma "Provisional government" now as a way to (unofficially) but formally oppose the Sacramento government. However, they are still pushing the judicial remedy which is ludicrous. The main goal is to get a court to admit that the Senate should be based on county as opposed to population and they feel that northern representation is marginalized as it currently stands. However, I have suggested they join with D.C. to push for dual statehood, a sort of Missouri compromise kind of thing. The idea is that Democrats would support this idea more since it would create a state that is majority black and also very Democrat. Also, it might allow the California legislature to see a reason to support breaking Jefferson off to gain an ideological sister state in the Congress. The other point of a D.C./JF co-statehood is to maintain the balance of Congress as JF would send all Republicans and D.C. all Democrats.

  4. Just eject California and the South, except for parts of Texas, from the Union altogether. Judging by demographic change and minority voting patterns, quite frankly there is no salvaging a balance of power unless you want to do some fairly hard things.

  5. We will never Balkanize, we’re going to make our state golden again. The name sequoia doesn’t make sense. You can name that area the Mojave, Sierra, or Southern California. Sequoia is eastern Oklahoma.

  6. Excellent video. I do think California would be better off with some other arrangement – either divided into multiple states or else with some new internal structure, something like five or six "super-counties".
    I'm a little disappointed that you didn't show us three flags for the three new states. Oh, BTW, I think it would be better if none of the new states be called "California", so that the three new states could continue to share that identity. The coastal state could be called "Eldorado" or "Buenaventura". The southernmost state, I don't think should be called "Sequoia" for the simple reason that there are very few sequoia redwoods growing there — almost all of them are in Jefferson. "Aztlan", maybe? "Cibola"? "Fremont"?
    I wonder how different the Pacific states would be if the California Territory had entered the Union as the free state of California and the slave state of Colorado, as had been proposed at one time? And how different would the Civil War have been? Would the New Mexico territory have been divided east-west instead of north-south, with a slave state of Arizona along the Mexican border? Would those western slave states have seceded, or stayed with the Union as Missouri did?

  7. That's funny, Democrats gerrymandering CA up for all the parts to be Dem. This is literally the plan already in place for the last 30+ years across 30+ different states by the Republicans–the only reason how states like VA can have a split political map, but somehow Reps control the majority of the state seats as well as their federal reps. Or Nebraska, where Reps were soooo pissed-off when that damn black guy (Obama) won the district consisting primarily of Omaha during the 2008 election and the one (1, uno, solo, mono) electoral vote went blue that they literally gerrymandered the district to be red the very next year. Get these states to have non-partisan entities split the states' districts up evenly between Rep/Dem affiliation, and I promise you will have representatives that are more centrist and willing to compromise and discuss real issues and get moving forward instead of today where whack-a-loon extremists pander to the furthest of each party. Neither Bubba with his sweat-stained wife-beater, his two remaining teeth, and his 3rd grade vocabulary, nor Kyyyyyle with his man-bun, extra-tight tighty jeans, and triple-blah-blah-blah-blah mocha latte should be in charge of deciding the future of the country.

  8. One thing not mentioned is the fact that California is expected to lose at least 1 congressional seat after the 2020 Census. If this trend continues or expands could Costal California see partitioning as a way of maintaining their power?

  9. One question you didn't answer in this video is, when would the best time to do this split up be? If this was done say shortly after California was annexed by the US and split into two states a north and a South, continuing on the balance of free versus slave then you would only get the two California's. If it was after the Civil War then you could break it up into more. But once you hit the world wars it gets trickier and trickier to breakout up the state.

  10. Typical California: trying to fix their shit by dumping it on the rest of us.

    If you want to split up, do it internally (or just GTFO of the union)

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  12. What if George Romero's Night of the Living Dead actually happen?

    Think about it Out-of-the blue zombies kill millions of people all around the world. What exactly would be the aftermath?

  13. How about an episode around the Newfoundland confederation? A few minutes on each way the vote could have gone either joining the USA, saying with the UK or going independent

  14. If it’s done with California then it should be done with Texas as an act of good faith, just to make sure that there are no cynical and politically motivated reasons for the split

  15. As a California resident I would prefer for something like this to happen. Sure, on the federal level it might swing to one parties favor, but at least on a state level, there will be better representation. Our state policies are dominated entirely by the coastal cities, and people like me who live further inland dont receive much representation; 90% of all legislation passed is in favor of the highly liberal cities of SF, LA and SD. California is like an old feudal society. The small yet powerful super-rich class on the coasts, the numerous poor sprinkled about, and the fading middle-class thats stuck in between without representation. I would like a more 'rural/working class' division to emerge out of California, because it would lead to legislation that takes us into account; rather than just what a bunch of hipsters in LA or SF want.

  16. Soj for life. By the way this guy didn’t come up with names of sequoia or Jefferson. He simply omitted the fact that we have been referring to nor cal as state of Jefferson for years. A term that goes back to before ww2. While I don’t think this was not done intentionally for some nefarious reason, I do think omitting the history was a mistake. He missed an opportunity for context behind the deepening rifts in the state. For example; in the 1930’s armed men blocked traffic on roads near what was the considered the Jefferson boarder, which also includes southern Oregon.

  17. The US would be better off with California leaving the union completely. Splitting them up is bad for this country, the senate and the house.
    Learn to swim!

  18. If the split were to happen, Jefferson, California, and Sequoia would still have the 53 representatives in the federal government that the current state of California has, but would have 6 senators instead of 2.  Which means that the three states would combine for 59 electoral votes, not 55.

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