I Tried Leaving California For Texas 🤠

This is why everyone is leaving California

Sorry about the messed up audio!! Here is a version with the better audio:

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  1. Sorry about the audio issue at 7:00!! I've uploaded a fixed version – link is in the description!

    (it's too late in the day to re-upload without the video doing a lot better, so I'll leave this one up but if you want to watch it with the audio fixed just head over to that one)

  2. People are moving to Texas because of politics. It's politics that drive economies and ruin economies you're welcome to come, but remember what made you leave.

  3. I live in Colorado and have considered moving to Texas. I am in the Tech industry and have really considered moving to Texas for a job!! Houses where I live are crazy expensive, we paid a pretty good price. I don't think I would ever live in California. Thanks for the video!!

  4. Problem is… all these lefties leaving Cali are bringing with them, their perverted voting practices… so in a few years, they'll have to flee again, but their too stupid to realize it. sad eh?

  5. There are a lot of homeless in Dallas. The more people that move here from other states, the greater the homeless numbers. They are driving up rates. The most compelling reason to move to Texas is freedom.

  6. Enjoy California, you will age quickly. Used and abused. Congrats. When you say you want to enjoy Texas? It is like a spouse wanting to stay in a abusive relationship. Well done with self fulfilling content. By the way, you are one of the white elites that CRT want to change. You are buying a $1.0mm home LA as a fixer upper while pushing ethnic working class out.

  7. Good! Its over populated in Cali so it be great if a few million left. TX & other red states are cheaper but culturally , politically they are backwards. Racists! In general a white person will have no.issues….

  8. im from dallas. this house is in the hood hood. they are literally building California style houses in the hood. you guys are raising rent on people who cant afford anything else through property value.

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