How One of California's Biggest Wineries Produces Over 12 Million Bottles per Year — Dan Does

On this episode of ‘Dan Does,’ host Daniel Geneen visits the Francis Ford Coppola Vineyard in Geyserville, California, which is known for making high quality wines at every price point. When spotting the wine everywhere from supermarkets, to boutique wine shops, and even Michelin-starred restaurants, people across the country know this wine goes beyond its famous founder’s name.

Host: Daniel Geneen
Producer/Director: McGraw Wolfman
Camera: Connor Reid, McGraw Wolfman
Editor: Mike Imhoff

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Development Manager: Terri Ciccone
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  1. I thought he was joking about having a first aid kit ready when he started harvesting. Don't think he was though lol, and the crush pit was also "too much power" for him. At least he's not trying to play a tough guy for the camera

  2. Every video I have seen that requires fermentation (whisky, wine, hot sauce, soy sauce, ect….) go on and on and on about how important the barrels are to the taste of the product. However I will tell you I made some very fine prison wine with just a big plastic bag! My buyers would rant and rave how great the taste and texture was! However I wasn't always able to age my prison wine to perfection 🍷🍹

  3. My Request to you all and scientists and Farmers market to grow such biggest Wine manufacturing company in my State Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Khurda, Cuttack in Odisha state in India

  4. "Wine tasting" is PHONY. These so called "experts" have been fooled by a 5 dollar wine in a 50 dollar bottle. Some of the idiotic "tastes" they come up with are really stupid. "Blueberries; mango with skins; yellow apple; and the dumbest one of all……."English Pudding!!"

  5. Maybe you should do some research about this area and the good evidence that wineries in Sonoma are more than likely causing ground water shortage as well as dumping pesticides into the ocean.

    How much water is wasted every year for an alcoholic beverage that offers little to no nutritional value to a human diet and cause major environmental hazards?

    And yes, rich people own them. Not only that but the water rights secured by ownership of these properties is now being bought up by Wall Street investors in an elaborate scheme to secure water rights in California.

    Sorry not sorry

  6. Pretty unFortunate that Eater decided to perpetuate the myth that this what giant wineries like this one do to make wine. Anyone interested in understanding what really is done to produce wine that tastes the same year after year (like the Claret) on should read Bianca Bosker’s Cork Dork Chapter 7. Oak chips and artificial oak essence, Mega Purple, or any of the other 72 chemical additives they can add with impunity without disclosure to the consumer.

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