How I Smuggle Weed From California to New York | WEEDIQUETTE

“I’m just a man trying to look after his family.”

A weed smuggler explains the secrets of shipping his product from California to New York.

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  1. There are legal THC compounds out there, legal even in illegal states. My state does not even have much medical use available but the United States Postal Service delivers me a package full of THC products every month or so. All of this smuggling nonsense is totally unnecessary. 🙂

  2. I like weed , truth is its just another substance that gets abused , weed is much safer that alcohol by far, no comparison, eventually it will be legalized, because just like alcohol, the politics and government bureaucracy will eventually legalize it with complete disregard of human impact and only value the tax benefits.

  3. Vice made a goof with virginia, at the time of this video upload Recreational Use and Full scale decriminalization had already happened in virginia just under a month prior.

  4. 👆👆👆⬆️ (name above)Hi, there. Thank you for sending my order (weed) out so quickly. I am very impressed with your service, you have kept me informed througout the whole process, and I will most definately be purchasing from you again. many thanks..

  5. Life in prison for a plant 🤦‍♂️
    In the uk you get 4-6 years I believe for weed it sucks even more of you grow it it’s around 20 years a guy I knew in secondary school got 5 years for having a sandwich bag so full it burst in his bag

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