How Foreign Drug Operations Are Taking Over California’s Desert Towns: Jorge Ventura

Desert towns in California have seen a dramatic increase of illegal marijuana plantations, operating through means of water theft, human trafficking, and violence.

Due to Proposition 64: The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which lowered penalties on illegal marijuana growers, the black market in California is out of control.

My guest today is Jorge Ventura, an investigative reporter, who has dug deep into this issue and produced the documentary “Cartelville,” which shows the extent of these operations.

Today, he will explain how the cartels are taking over the desert towns in southern California and their impact on communities.

Documentary 👉

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How Foreign Drug Operations Are Taking Over California’s Desert Towns: Jorge Ventura


  1. Let farmers grow millions of tons of pot. The only thing that creates these situations is an artificial huge difference in retail prices. Criminals are lazy they will not work for 2 cents a pound. Government regulation is the only thing keeping prices high enough to attract criminals.

  2. Politicians want open borders if not they cry racism and so do my fellow Californians very sad / I recently walked into a furniture store and realized it was a front not a real store / very sad

  3. If our corrupt government would reclassify marijuana like alcohol and make it completely legal for anyone to own & grow…this problem would go away immediately.
    It won’t happen tho, because big pharma and big alcohol will continue to successfully lobby/buy our corrupt politician’s vote to keep pot from affecting their profits.
    That’s THE reason marijuana is still a schedule 1 drug along with heroin, ecstasy, LSD, quaaludes and bath salts.

  4. Well if CA hadn't made growing legally so difficult and essentially impossible to do without very deep pockets because of the ridiculous government regulations, maybe they wouldn't have this problem?

  5. The authorities the d.a not a big deal you forgot to mention corruption everyone's involved I hate to say this but for this to happen in this magnitude payoffs they turn a blind eye I wonder if the govs getting a cut newsom Pelosi Schiff on and on would it surprise you wheres the national guard they the law doesn't have resources this is a invasion of our country Mexican Chinese Armenian human smuggling guns water theft you know what forget what I said ,its California man dont worry be happy roll another one this reporter means well but good luck California long gone get use to it or move or there needs to be a epic change in California and that ain't gonna happen anytime soon

  6. Or you could look at it another way (and perhaps a more honest way), and ask WHY exactly is illegal marihuana still so profitable when in fact it's already been legalized for so many years. After all, if you take away the insane profits, then you almost always also take away the incentives for the organized criminals. And of course, the answer is that the government has made it so difficult and expensive to grow and sell marihuana legally, that for all practical purposes it's still illegal.

  7. Illegal Mexican Grows have been going on in the Sierras for over 20 years. I went hiking off a logging road in Stanislas National Forrest two decades ago and as I and my companion were unloading our backpacks, along came a pickup truck with a Mexican standing in the truck bed with a shot gun.

  8. Massively over exaggerating the facts. First the big bust was because they stopped paying the sheriffs $$5 million a year so they got turned in. Owners switched and the new owners didn’t pay. Second why would they force illegals to care for the gardens and give them guns??? Hello. Cartels don’t do any growing in the U.S. it is a massive no NO. It brings unwanted attention. Just the plain facts alone is enough to dismantle these grows but why WHY lie and exaggerate the issues common sense people. Due diligence #duediligence ???forced to work but given guns????? Hello.

  9. But they go to poor neighborhood kicking down the wrong door "accidentally" killing innocent unarmed people and here crime is in their face and they refuse to do anything but claim lack of resources While protecting the border of other nations with the world biggest military….. I think the police are too busy ticketing and fining American citizens While they go to work For an honest living…

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