HOTEL CALIFORNIA (Live/Acoustic) – The Eagles – Full Guitar Lesson (TABS)

Hotel California – Acoustic Live Version

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0:00 Presentation
0:07 Intro – Solo 1
0:38 Intro – Solo 2
1:20 Intro – Solo Base
1:44 Main Intro
2:21 Intro – Solo 3
2:53 Verse 1&2
3:27 Verse 1 – Pre-Chorus
4:00 First Chorus
4:39 Verse 2 – Pre-Chorus
5:12 Second Chorus
5:50 Third Verse – Pre-Final Solo
6:25 1st Final Solo
7:04 2nd Final Solo
7:51 Ending
8:42 More Videos


  1. excellent explanation I like the way and dynamics with which you sibe your videos thank you they will be of great help to me blessings for you my friend

  2. After 3 weeks I finally got it down, if not for this video I would have never been able to play the Hotel California Acoustic solo, thank you so much.

  3. Wow! This is awesome. So clear and precise and such a great learning tool not only for this song, but for just playing. Thank you so much for doing this.

  4. Leo, what program are you using to create these tabs that follow you. It' transparent you are using an interface with MIDI control, any suggestions for what will be my new page soon? Thanks friend!

  5. This is the kind of tutorial guitar players like. Tabs, great view of fret board and visual to how it's played! And also straight to the point. No talking, no verbal intro. It allows us to work on what's challenging ourselves. Hates off to this video man. Adding to my fava

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