1. Hello worldwide See you tumorrow david und sabine forever thank all people of the roten Hamm und all people of the World for the Musik wir sind immer pleite…..,,…

  2. I still say this song was based on an episode of "The Twilight Zone" (or was it The Outer Limits"?) wherein the characters were trapped in a hotel, but didn't age nor die. The newcomer was also trapped but one woman knew the way out. She couldn't leave because as soon as she passed the garden gate she'd age and die. I wish I knew what episode that was, for reference.

  3. Моя самая любимая композиция, ещё со студенческих лет! Чудо музыка! Отличные оранжировки! Прекрасный текст! Парни, Вы – СУПЕР !!!!!!!!!

  4. Was für schöne Zeiten waren die 70'er und 80'er… Man genoss die Musik , das Leben und alle Anderen echt wie sie zu erleben waren.
    Heute bekommt man kein Lust .

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