Today we are in the City of Merced California. We had some viewers requesting this City so today we are here to show the homeless situation here. Are there alot of homeless people in Merced?

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  1. If you want to know where to find homeless encampments,well first there is one on east childs ave like half a block from the merced district cemetery.it will be across the street next to an old small church.second you'll find some more on the G street underpass along the railroad tracks.

  2. Yeah next time definitely try the spots people mentioned. Joe herb park, Applegate park along bear creek and near the fountain area is always popping. Right outside walmart is becoming bad and the train tracks by 59 and Santa fe is where they usually camp out at.

  3. While I appreciate you bringing light to our city, I feel you missed the mark on this. There is soooo much you didn't even reach. The parts you drove around aren't really hot spots for the homeless. There are full on camps even close to the freeway. there is also a neighboring town named Atwater that also could use some light on their homelessness. I have 2 children living out there…
    There is a huge issue but we have to have a means to an end. We want to help but how? And where can they go to seek help? Not much around here that's readily available to them.

  4. I also have a family member who is homeless a lot of them choose to be homeless and some do not choose to be homeless because the rent is too high for them it's too high for a lot of us but a lot of them are on drugs and they drink so they prefer to be on the streets so they can have this stuff and I've been living in Merced all my life

  5. When you were in Merced California there are tons of homeless people you really didn't look in the right areas most of them hang out over on g Street by the overpass and a lot of them live in RVs and pickups things like that but you do find the ones who are here and there good luck and be safe

  6. You guys are not very good at this are you , you were within 14 mile of an encampment of over 150 homeless people rt on a freeway entrance ramp. Maybe a little more research next time keep your day job.

  7. Underneath the 16th Street underpass there are a bunch of homeless people there. I've literally seen whole families creeping up from under there. It's terrible.
    I'm from Oakland and it's way way worse by far but it's getting bad here especially since we do not have a big population here!

  8. Merced is a great place to live. I moved to the valley from San Jose 20 years ago. California in general has a homeless problem. Its all over the state now. There are many resources and programs here in Merced to combat this. Mental health and drug abuse fuels the homeless problem in Ca. I have traveled all over Ca the past several years and it is all over the state. Bad politics and no funding for mental health is a big contributor.

  9. Live in Merced County…fun fact? 80% of homeless are adult, childless males, odd but the anecdotal seems to check out…male egos damaged by government, family, religion, etc…undoing your conditioning is hard work, get on your meditation game, same for me, all advice is ultimately meant for ourselves….thanks for highlighting Merced County.

  10. you missed some of the area's you were close to it but you needed to keep going a bit farther out of the city to the country when you don't see homeless by freeways and the creeks they move to edge of city where fa lands start. they also stay close as they can to the 24 hrs stores that stay open for there bathroom food supplies areas also look for all the abandoned houses building's homeless stay in those as well behind Walmart I'm Merced all the RV camper trailers you see now on the roads are all homeless people that are a bit lucky to have them till the Merced dirty cops come and take all of it away. the new beginnings and all the help programs out there mention to help us homeless folk's are a joke you have to be very lucky to get a good worker that won't drop you to be able to have those programs to really help and impact the homelessness that us every where if you know where to look. ice been homeless off and in fir the last 10 years it is harder then you can know surviving and not just surviving but going through a pandemic as well and fir me I'm also dealing with a divorce of marriage that next month oct 28th would had been my 17th year marriage. so now I'm homeless at 45 alone without my husband to help keep me feeling safe with a puppy trying to survive with know real help out there to help me get off of the streets that won't make me get the vaccines or do there hoop jumping tricks sell your soul for it… if you all can understand what I'm saying here…it's hard to know who are the real ones that are helping and who are not real…i was just getting myself back up on to my feet when the dang cops took my van where i was living in at the time.. so i didn't have to be on the streets alone….the cops don't care the city officials care not as well. homeless fight now each other it is real scary out here… good luck to all and gid bless you be safe stay strong hold onto Jesus fir this is going to be a bumping end times ride i pray we all make it abd see you in the other side in our new heaven..

  11. The Navigation Center on 13th and B st. was recently opened to attend to the homeless problem. Too bad, you guys couldn't tour that solution to the homeless problem to see if that can help with bridging the chronically homeless into potential permanent housing solutions. For you, it could be reporting on the problem and solutions of homelessness. Encampments: Hwy 59 between 16th and Olive, and beyond (along the Westside), D st, from the D St. homeless shelter to the 99 underpass near G st.

  12. Merced started pushing homeless out and charging fines so they came to Chowchilla and now they light fires along the slough and break into neighboring houses and vehicles 😂 had a dude pull a gun on me in my own front yard that was homeless like wtf man

  13. You were so close to all the spots they stay at if you would have went down Santa Fe you would have seen them everywhere and when you seen them under the bridge you were only a minute away from where they stay you just didn’t go the right way needed to make a left at the light also have them on 16th st it is so sad how many homeless are out there

  14. This video appears in the front page lol and I'm from merced and this city sucks, everything it's so expensive here cuz they are planning to make this city an "university city" for international students, I hate here, I'm glad I'm leaving soon

  15. You miss many spots in Merced but that's okay. thank you for taking the time to visit Merced. unfortunately I am from this town and witnessed so many homeless people suffer here. I am grateful that I do have a roof over my head. I wish I could help these people 😔

  16. Both Bear & Rascal creeks. The homeless currently have an American flag erected at the bridge where Hwy 59 meets 16th streets. Exiting 99 south on 16th. Pretty sure you’ll see the flag by tracks and bridge.

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