Here's Why I Do NOT Miss California

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  1. LOL! We Californo's are all going to invade your state and your gene pool. Welcome to the party yo! You all ain't hiding anything from us. We are your future. Nothing can ever stop us now! Your uppity homes will be ours soon. LOL! Such a small crowd for such a massive amount of overpopulated people. Get ready!

  2. F CA, Ben if you see this I've loved you (as a brother) since I heard about you, I think you are a fine example of what MEN should be in this country and I hope the LORD blesses you with many more decades to fight the good fight

  3. Joe Rogan admits to having always voted liberal/ Democrat. Which means he voted for the Democrats currently in power, i.e. Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi…
    Then, after it all started to crumble, he moved to Texas, taking his leftist mindset with him. Conservative Texans have to be hating this.

  4. You and me both Ben.. my home state of 67 years but I left.. it was like leaving a 3rd world country coming to Florida… It's been a year now and do not have a bad thing to say about Florida and just love our Governor…. Amazing….

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