Hands on with California Poppy Leather Case for iPhone 12 Pro + Unboxing & MagSafe Leather Wallet!

Learned a new term today: Leather Patina not age!

Time Stamps:
Intro – 0:00
Unboxing – 0:05
Comparing to California Poppy Leather Link Apple Watch Band – 0:51
Inside with Baltic Blue & Saddle Brown MagSafe Leather Wallet – 0:56
Outside California Poppy Case & Leather Link Combo – 1:02
Outside California Poppy Case & Leather Link Combo w/ Saddle Brown Wallet – 1:13
Outside California Poppy Case & Leather Link Combo w/ Baltic Blue Wallet – 1:23
Outside California Poppy Case & Saddle Brown Leather Link Combo w/ Saddle Brown Wallet – 1:33
Outside California Poppy Case & Baltic Blue Leather Link Combo w/ Baltic Blue Wallet – 1:43
Outro – 1:53


  1. Thanks for making this short and sweet video. I purchased my California poppy case yesterday to go along with my 12pro max and California poppy Apple Watch ⌚️ band.

  2. Hi!Nice video!

    I would like to know, if there are any issue after a lot of usage, as in the previous  leather cases, that became ruined after less time

  3. ❣️ love your vid… I needed to see if this poppy color would be a taker for me… I have and love the green, blue… and I’ll now get this ☝🏽thank you l!! 😁

  4. I have the Apple mag-safe clear case, Apple black leather case, and Casetify clear case with black trim for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I have been on the fence regarding whether I should purchase the California Poppy case. I like the color but was not sure how it would look on my graphite phone. It seems you settled that question for me, though. My new question is, can I have too many cases?

  5. thanks for the quick review about this one! was a bit unsure first, but this covered all my fears. i am having this cover since 1 day and just love it! so unique and stunning!
    matches very well with the dark graphite 12 pro max!

  6. I love the color of this case & thank You so much for this video! It was really good to see this color being used with the different wallet colors, and I'm glad you did it in the sunlight so we could see the actual color, nice video!

  7. Seen all ur reviews. Already bought Baltic blue leather case . Want one more

    Confused between saddle brown and California poppy leather case for pacific blue 12 pro max .. Please Suggest ????

  8. My ca poppy leather case wouldn’t fit snug and started to fray after one day of use so I returned and got the product red silicone

  9. Awesome! im going all Ca poppy! 12pro gold , poppy case, poppy link, poppy, wallet. i absolutely love the poppy color. plus the color is kinda hard to get right now, dec 3 the link just went live an hour ago FINALLY i had to wait a month!

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