Group of doctors argue California's End of Life Option Act violates freedom of religion

The California Legislature says terminally-ill patients have a right to die with dignity. However, a group of Christian doctors are trying to put a stop to it as they claim the law violates freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

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  1. They aren’t saying they want the law to go away, they are just saying that they don’t want to participate in it by informing patients that it’s a choice and then having to refer to a doctor that does. That is forcing them to participate in something they don’t believe in.

  2. Dude it's all about the money they don't care about you the longer they can keep you in that hospital and keep pumping you full of drugs the more money they make

  3. Christians probably killed more people in the name of Christianity than anybody else the hypocrisy
    Religion is nothing but a scam just like the pandemic wake up sheep

  4. I'm not even religious and I agree with what these people are saying.
    You won't and you can't force me into decision that I do not want to make in my moral judgments.

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