2. Hey Newsom……while your liberal kind creat chaos in your liberal dump streets you want your residents to fight them with what??…BB guns?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 make us think your in connivance with those criminals….not allowing your residents to defend themselves with the same fire power or better against what your liberal criminals bring on the streets…you and your family's pathetic!….🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Hey U bunch of DUMB as…DO ALL UR CA GUN LAWS LOWER CA VIOLENT CRIME RATE in comparison to the rest of country ????

  4. Everyone leave your comfort zone of puppet land, and being hypnotized, ditch ABC cnn msnbc. Join the NewsMax streaming channel party. You will learn and enjoy, Guaranteed.

  5. Absolutely correct then wouldn't trying to figure out Hollywood in small town in Texas. No money no honey can't get ahold of a assault rifles period. Sawadee Khap.

  6. We need to establish neighborhood social spaces for community members to regularly discuss on what needs to be done at the grassroots level regarding social problems in our society.

  7. 65000000 unborn babies aborted since roe v Wade but democrats care about 14. Make sense of that.

  8. Let's see, California doesn't just do background checks on guns, but on ammunition every time you want to make a purchase. Isn't that like making someone take a driving test every time they want to gas up their car?

  9. The shootings just make a case why we have to keep our gun rights to protect ourselves. (Period)

  10. Gun control does not work criminals will not give a S&#& about your gun laws. You leave law abiding citizens to be sitting ducks. What happen to that Gas rebate, what happen you getting rid of the gas tax ohhh no of course not your hush on that. This clown 🤡

  11. What about the lack of words being said about the diasbled,addicted and mentally ill men and women being forced to live in shame and squalor on the streets and towns in the State of California ?

  12. Brilliant strategy – pass even more laws when your idiot liberal DA's won't even enforce the ones on the books already. How can anyone even take Democrats seriously?

  13. Once again California gun owners will get punished for another states lack of gun control …….FGN!!!!!

  14. You're a clown Newsom, we had ban on assault weapons for 20 years and the FBI data showed after 20 years that it had no impact on reduction of homicides. All you people want to Power and a powerless society of people unable to resist you're tyranny.

  15. Who cares about Biden's leadership on gun control ? I understand that Biden is going to use gun control to cover up his failures on the economy but it won't work in November.

  16. Reality check. Gun control isn't happening in the national election. The Democrats are toast in the 2022 national elections.

  17. You may not have liked Bush Sr. but at least he passed LEOSA so if you are retired law enforcement from any state with departmental ID then you can carry concealed throughout the US despite state laws.

  18. Wondering what Ukraine citizens think of gun control as THEIR wheat is being STOLEN by the Russians to sell to other countries? If every citizen had an assault weapon this War would have never started.

  19. Wow this coming from the Democratic governor from California who is always shooting his mouth off (bullet train) followed by shooting himself in the foot all on working American Citizens taxes.

  20. If saving lives is the true goal, one must ask why are dangerous criminals being released from jails and prisons in California? Why are dangerous people crossing our border without the concern of elected and unelected officials? Somehow this concern for only guns seems a bit disingenuous .
    Sane people do not run around shooting up schools, shopping centers, etc… yet there seems to be no concern whatsoever for helping the mentally ill . This sounds too political and as usual when these horrible events happen, the first thought is to gun grab from law abiding citizens. There seems to be no concern about people flooding our border…some being drug traffickers, gang members, and military age men, from several different countries.
    Why are some so desperate to take weapons from the citizenry, leaving them defenseless? It shouldn't require a great deal of thought to answer that question.

  21. Screw you Newsom. You and your abortionist cronies kill a million babies every year and now you are crying gopher snot tears about some kids you couldn't care less about beyond the political leverage you desire.

  22. If you really cared about Californian’s lives, you would order LA DA Gascon to prosecute the gun laws and the gun enhancements already in place. The LA Deputy DAs were told in writing not to charge these crimes. Without prosecution, there is an incentive to use a gun in LA County.

  23. The only way we're going to curb gun violence in this nation it's get the Democrats out of office

  24. And yet you can't stop this crap. They come across the border. In the recent NY case and in Texas neither should have been able to purchase firearms yet they did, how? The systems in place don't work more laws or systems won't stop this either. An a separate note do we hear Newsolini making a bid for 2024? Lord God help us🌷

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