Gobbling: California Turkeys | S5E12 | MeatEater

The last time Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen went out with Steven Rinella they were soaked head to toe and came home meatless. To remedy their meat crisis while keeping them dry, Steve sets up a springtime wild turkey hunt in sunny California.

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  1. Wow, not in particular this one, but these kind of videos got me really excited about hunting. Great stuff Steve!

  2. I have hunted my hole life.. not sure what it is about I but turkey hunting has always been my favorite

  3. I love joe and bryan but this is the worst turkey hunting video ever… especially if you actually turkey hunt.

  4. What makes Turkey hunting so tough is that in the wild the hens go too the males gobble and as a hunter your trying to get the gobblers to come into the hen so exact opposite of nature. Makes it a tough game but rewarding when it all comes together

  5. Dude I’m loving this side of Brian. The only time I see him he’s tryna act like a hard ass.

  6. I fucking hate Bryan Callan I wish Joe Rogan and everybody else would stop fucking including him in anything he's a loud mouth piece of shit

  7. Should we run through the woods shooting…..yep….thats how many people hunt up north….walk the mountain until you run into the birds….blast away to break up the flock and then call in a gobbler.

  8. Fucking lmao Brian wearing a US flag as a scarf, thats too funny.
    "Don't wear red, white and blue while hunting turkeys"
    "Gotcha Steve" lmfao

  9. Bring them to Alabama or Mississippi to hunt the Eastern Turkey and experience southern hospitality.

  10. "You can't love music without loving silence because silence is the canvas upon which musicians paint their work" Epic

  11. Says; "three colors you don't wear while turkey hunting, red , white and blue"…..while actively wearing camo with red brand logo…lol

  12. Bryan is secretly a badass, he has that navy seal look in his eye, dont let his silliness fool you, its a psyop

  13. Great when you know large landowners that will let you hunt their land. Common people have to deal with California communists to hunt.

  14. Birds that recognize the difference between fake vs real call, will get to live. That evolutionary factor will make them harder to kill.

  15. It’s ok since I don’t think it’s a game ranch where Rogan probably does most of his Elk hunting. IDK how you would be 100% all the time?

  16. Turkeys aint for everyone and I like that. Saves more for us die hards but there is more than enough to go around. Grateful for conservation efforts that brought these birds back from the brink and ensured they are still around today.

  17. Turkey hunting is the absolute best nothing better than hearing A gobbler locating him watching him strut And killing him

  18. Really like these Meat Eater Video's. I also love to turkey hunt. My best hunt came one season in the late 90's, in that hunt I score a 26 3/4 pound turkey. The second week I bagged a 25 & 1/2 pounder. Both Gobblers had three beards. Southwest Missouri has a lot of big Turkey. I love that part of the State.

  19. I will admit some of the best bird hunting I have experienced in California has all been within 25 minutes of home from me. Napa and Sonoma alike have some massive gobblers, just gotta know where to look

  20. Turkey hunting isn't my favorite, but I can definitely appreciate the hunt, and it DOES make it the more satisfying when you get one. Waterfowl, dove, and pheasant are my jam.

  21. Hunting sucks if you want to hang out with friends. Sit in the cold, wet woods for 6 hours and NO TALKING!

  22. I clicked on this video because my whole life I had a problem confusing these 2 guys in a few specific roles in the past. Every time I said Joe I was talking about Bryan and so oh. Was that just me? Anyway, here they are hunting together now that I am 40. the world is weird.

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