Gareth Emery live @ Dreamstate, Southern California, 2021 (Full Set 4K)

This set has to go down as one of my favorites of all time! We spent weeks before the show working round the clock to re-imagine the visual element of my sets, and I’m pretty sure this is one of the most visually compelling sets I’ve ever done. Stick it on your big TV and make your own mind up though!

Musically you’ve got new ones from my upcoming album ANALOG, loads of exclusives, and of course some of my all time favorites. Big love to our amazing team for pulling this one off, Insomniac Events for being fantastic partners, and every one of you who was in the crowd. Lot of great acts there that day and I’m always hugely grateful when so many of you choose to spend 90 minutes of your festival with me. All the love! Gaz

A Cam / Editor: Scott Barnhill
B Cam: Dave Fordham

Gareth Emery


  1. Wow… what a set…as I listen the selection just keeps getting better and better…
    This 60 year old is dancing his head off… boy was I born around 40 years too soon… LoL…
    What I'd give to be 20 y/o and young enough to go to one of these shows…

  2. I love the uplifting trance Garrett, and you are an amazing producer! My favorite artist today, and I have started my own music journey recently, targeted at producing uplifting trance. Rowan Van Beckhoven has some great material too!

  3. Jeebus… 40 tracks and not a single classic… new overdriven crap only… i want to hear at least some classic mixed up in there, Universal Nation, 3 drives, cosmic gate, svenson&gielen, talla 2xlc, scott project… i bet he just promoting his own tracks…

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