Former Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer robbed in California amid US crime spike

Former California Senator Barbara Boxer robbed in broad daylight as violent crimes rise in major U.S. cities. Fox News’ Senior Correspondent Claudia Cowan with the latest.

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  1. That "defund the police" slogan must seem pretty stupid now. Its a different world when you leave the ivory tower and join the common folk. Welcome to reality.

  2. She actually blames President Trump for defund the police! She said the attackers were white and had MAGA hats on and nooses hanging out of their pockets! 🤣
    What’s sad as Democrats actually believe the lie even when the truth is easily obtainable! She’s a millionaire from working in government. All government workers who start with a modest 6 figure salary and become millionaires should have to show the public how they’ve become so wealthy and where they’ve gotten that money! If legitimate more power to them, but most of their wealth doesn’t pass the smell test! They’re still trying to force President Trump to show all his taxes for last 20 years. I think all government workers should be forced to show how on a $180,000 salary they’ve become multi millionaire after a few short years in congress

  3. I do not take crime as a joke with that being said….
    That what’s happens when you talk about defunding the police your lucky you didn’t get killed and lucky it wasn’t a child of yours.. Shame on you… if that not a sign

  4. What kind of continued ignorance are these people talking about. Democrat talking points, was she attacked with a weapon of war, like the politician who talked about illegal guns after a woman and her dog were stabbed in Atlanta, what community do you think these cops are from, their not all white, they reflect the city

  5. Remember when everyone agreed we should “avoid it like the plague?” Now we are stuck with all these unvaccinated Trumpists who refused to avoid it, putting us all at risk again.

  6. Apparently the former guy is furiously fit to be tied because 17 Republicans voted to advance President Biden's infrastructure bill.

    Enjoy your dinner.

  7. I could be wrong but I thought Barbara Box was a moderate and was known for compromise, this is an example of the Left thinking that this lawlessness will not reach them, criminals don't have a political agenda all the Californian Politicians when they retire from office will face the same circumstances maybe that is why they never retire not sure but the crime situation is not good for anyone

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