Every Californians Ever (Part 1 of 2)

Watch the drama and driving directions unfold in every Californians ever aired on Saturday Night Live. The story continues in Every Californians Ever (Part 2/2). Watch now:


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  1. Not all Californians are like this, but every Californian south of Santa Barbara knows several people who are frighteningly similar, to where the degree of caricature in mannerisms and life drama are not that much of a stretch.

  2. I wonder if snl regrets letting Tim Robinson go after only 1 season in the cast. Now he's out here making the funniest sketch comedy on earth.

  3. Where's the reboot where the California's sell there house for millions and move out of state and buy up all the houses everywhere? Lmao 🤣

  4. Omg, I know exactly which Jr. High –Le Conte–she's talking about because inorder to go to my great-aunts house on Sweetzer below Sunset, we took Ridgewood Place to Van Ness, left on Santa Monica blvd to Bronson turning right then left at Fountain Ave
    (Where Le Conte Jr. High is located) to Sweetzer Ave.
    My mom went to Hollywood High with Carol Burnett in 1949.
    Love these skits!!!

  5. Mick Jagger and those glasses are just too much and he does look like he runs the ferris wheel in Santa Monica. Too funny.

  6. Why is everyone bashing Long Beach ? Lmao LB is not as ghetto as people make it … well if you live close to the beach lol

  7. I know I’ve said it before . . . I never get tired of these! Whenever I need a laugh, these are Still my go-to. Thank you for posting!

  8. That cracks me up! I was born and raised in California, but my job took me elsewhere and I never expected to have to go to university, let alone grad school, there. I hope your school was everything you wished for.

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