1. A lot of meaning In this song, everyone can understand it in his way like philosophy
    Hello from Morocco anyone here

  2. My ankle in first part 90s loved to listening this song, but I am not, but today.. 👍🎧, 🇰🇿🇸🇦

  3. I am from ALGERIA and this song i really feel it since i was young today i am 58 years old and i have 4 childrens and i still like it i dont know there is something amazing like magic 👣

  4. If you have ever done hard drugs you totally understand this song. Everyone else can interrupt it anyway they like that's what is so awesome about music✌

  5. 민주당 이낙엽수구똥통은 낙향해 농사꾼혀라 이재명 옹립허자

  6. I passed by this Hotel California when I was in LA and. sudently, it reminded me this GREAT SONG

  7. Amo esta música y me encanta escucharla y me fascina ésta canción hermosa de Hotel California Eagles

  8. In this song, he seems to fall under a spell and he's drawn to the Hotel California by the girl standing in the doorway. She lights up a candle and shows him in, but when he tries to leave the Hotel California, he finds that he can't! Remember: "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" I feel that the song is about drug addiction, which is also a prison that you can never leave.

  9. They're having a lot of sex drugs & booz just cant killing the beast its the Dick pink champagne on ice whatelse relax we're programmed ti receive you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave unless you finish paying the Bill thats how l understand this song

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