Disney California Adventure Park 2022 Night Walkthrough in 4K | Disneyland Resort Anaheim California

Enjoy a 4K nighttime walkthrough of Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California! This was filmed on February 8th 2022 from around 7pm – 8pm

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  1. Glad to finally footage of the Disney's Parks in California! Both parks birng in the real beauty of magic when it is night time.✨ My favorite land in DCA would have to be either "Avengers Campus" or "Paradise Pier" as of right now.😉

    Hopefully, I look forward to my personal reopening debut sometime in Summer 2022 (my last visit was on October 20th, 2019).😊 Hope you also plan on uplodaing more Disneyland Park and DCA rides in the future.😄❤️💚

  2. 🟥Awesome! 💯Those glorious Red Signs make me🥰happy. ​Ride​ ​Slinky on steroids​ (a.k.a The Incredicoaster​)​ at night because ​it seems amazing !?!?​​ Mid​-March DL park reservations are gone for park hopping so wonder what tricks you'll have up your sleeve because WDW ​will be ​​as wild. Guess I'll stay tuned.​ Mid 80's there – TyphoonL time? 🧜🏻‍♂️💜

  3. This park has really come a long way since opening. It feels more complete and more Disney with all the additions that were made. Great nighttime stroll 4K.

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