1. Has anyone reported on all the children who have died from getting vaccinated next to the amount of children who died from the corona virus?
    There have been more child deaths from the cure than from the actual virus, are we sure we want people like this guy telling us what to do?!?

    I’m pretty sure he never plans to get vaccinated and he parties all the time

  2. 18:25 “if everyone who has not gotten vaccinated would get vaccinated we could squash this virus” you could also die as a result of getting vaccinated even though you might live if get corona lol but go ahead and spin the cylinder put the gum to your head and pull the trigger.
    From the wisdom of Gavin neusum.

    Reasons not to get vaccinated: you could die from the vaccination,

    Foreigners will still bring the virus in because Democrats will still allow them in with a complete disregard for the lives of the Americans that were born in this country,

    If you do catch the virus you can still go to the hospital and get vaccinated and won’t catch the virus ever again.

    But sure go risk your life getting the vaccine so that you have the same or greater odds of dying if you actually do catch the virus.

    More bad ideas from the Democrat party

  3. This is all BS. No governor has the legal authority to lock anyone down PERIOD. We are not in jail and free to roam about anywhere we want. And as sovereign human beings NO government has the authority over our bodies — NO ONE can coheres us into wearing a mask, getting tested or getting the experimental jab PERIOD. By LAW we are free to refuse any medical procedure WITHOUT consequences. ANYONE who violates our Constitutional and Bill of Rights is a criminal and belongs in jail PERIOD. The problem is the DOJ who BTW is unlawfully wanting us all jabbed, is hired to prosecute these criminals; however, they are not doing their job, most likely because they are getting paid to look the other way. There is still no scientific evidence that the covid virus exists and the they can't even test for the variant because there is NO test available. Case numbers are based on the number of times a person repeats a CV test so one person can test 5 positive and be counted as 5 cases. Those CV test have already been proven to be inaccurate. This fear mongering is nothing more than a plot to get us in control and get us all jabbed and to send us 6ft under folks. The corrupt, corporate CDC has no power unless we give it to them by staying home and masking up. Again these corporate CEOs have to power unless we hand it over. Refuse to wear that slavery mask. Stand up and fight for your rights NOW. Not to mention CA received millions in funding through "The Cares Act" to fund this lie — This is ALL about control, power, $$$$$$ and sending us 6ft under.

  4. Get the vaccine! Isn’t he being recalled? Isn’t transgender Jenner going to be next governor of Mexifornia? Highest taxes in the country, highest homeless in the country, leads nation in population moving out of state, I wonder if it has anything to do with democrats? Don’t you.

  5. Do not worry Californians!!! California State is Already a RED state and NO longer a blue state since Nov. 3rd 2020. Trump gotten the California State in a Landslide, the Maricopa County Arizona Audit Results is coming pretty SOON!!! what's happening now is that The US Military is giving the California State government to do the right thing, If they didn't do their job then the US Military will have to step IN to fix your Government there and to Drag Gov. Newsom (Gruesome) out of Sacramento The State Capitol regardless of His Recall Status. So dear Californians! Don't move! And don't go anywhere else! Stay there and Fight!!!! Go to Legal, go to your Local levels and dismantle the Communist Democrat stupid and dumb Legislations that keeps on destroying and ruining your Golden State. Go Fight! Make California Gold 🪙🥇 Again!!! California Republic. Take Down Newsom, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell and some RINO Republican Traitors too!

  6. STARAIGT TYRANNY, Californians you have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to have him arrested and Jailed for breaking Law. For him to be removed immediately including the rest of his Committee Regime and the Mayors and Business CEOs

  7. Voted 4 him major regret sigh. He's allowing blackrock,Blackrock, to gobble up everything and he's also salivating while people losing homes,etc. Awful man!!! Yuck…cdc stopped reporting on breakthrough cases on vaccinated people too. We read in 3 days 45,000 vaccinated died!!!! Aghhh….

  8. Pay attention the doctor said it's going to be more variants in other words more injections and more vaccine shots. In other words will never exist according to them. This is a multi billion dollar money maker

  9. Governor Newsom has expired other leaders is that right. Closing down people's businesses around his businesses was still running. Him going to restaurants eating and enjoying himself with people without mask or vaccinations. We need to question with this woman is saying

  10. John 8:44
    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  11. Recall Newsom, Masks don’t work if they did we wouldn’t still be doing it. If your vax worked it would be FDA approved which it is not. Also requiring employers to ask employees proof of vax is apartheid in medical form. Welcome to 1984 clowns.

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