Conservatives EXPLODE As California Turns The Tables On Them

Tomi Lahren and other conservatives lose it as California Governor Gavin Newsom turns the legal tables on them. Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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  1. Maybe California might be better passing a law where they withhold taxes sent to Washington which are then used in Red States to pass legislation that allows Gerrymandering and voter suppression. After all that Gerrymandering and voter suppression alters the composition of the House and Senate which can have a major impact on how the citizens of California live. Let's see how the Red states manage without all those Blue dollars that they keep getting to keep them afloat.


  3. It"s a brilliant strategy. It will put SCOTUS on blast and expose their hypocrisy. Ms. Lawrence thank you for your concise presentations.
    I always leave your videos better informed. Thank you.

  4. Tomi lauren doesnt even realize that the right has been coddling a felon for the last 5 years,his name is Don the Con..b4 you right wingerz out there start screaming,Wait trump hasnt been convicted of anything! I SAY TO THEM …IN DUE TIME..IN DUE TIME!!!!

  5. New York is joining California in doing the same thing. Poor, poor fascists (formerly Republicans) – they just don't think things through. Honestly, they just don't think – period.

  6. Fascists (formerly Republicans) are all bent out of shape because their Texas cohort came up with a novel way to ignore or circumvent rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights/Constitution, and now others are using their game-plan/playbook to hammer home new laws aimed at thwarting murderers. Awwww – those fascist shits are soooo cute! I guess they forgot to game the whole thing out before whipping out their nefarious stupidity. Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. Republicans say they are pro-life yet they have no trouble with people who are able to skirt the law and get untraceable guns to kill not just adults but children also! Simply pathetic!

  8. SCOTUS sounds like the lord of the underworld. Do your job! Can people just know what's right? How about we put unbearable pressure on one thing that matters, then the next. The people with offices for life running away from them, screaming! , After, people harping on what they did.

  9. Funny how conservatives always talk about crime particularly violent or gun crimes as being caused by democrat and liberals laws and policies. Yet we have the same thing in conservative run cities. When crime went way down in the mid to late 90's and 2000's it went down all over regardless of administration affiliation. Yet when it went down republicans took credit now it goes up and they blame democrats. Am I the only one tired of the b*llsh*t. Perhaps we should make a law conservative media can only talk about what republicans do wrong and liberal media can only talk about what democrats do wrong?

  10. Governor Abbott is doing this because in his own words " All life is precious".

    Now tell me Abbott what are you doing about the 20% of children living in poverty and going hungry in your state. Aren't those lives precious too?

  11. need to apply this to many other types of activity – an example is a bartender who sells more than one drink to a person, online scammers, and so on – just use your imagination on the problem – how about litterbugs…

  12. Great idea, you wanna protect unborn fetuses and ruin people lives than I dont find it a problem to sue companies that help people kill innocents who are living humans(not fetuses)

  13. Democrats getting what they sowed. Always blaming Republicans for democratic failures. Keep voting in people who are responsible and blaming people who aren't. Your incoherent depends leader and his failed criminal administration is going down as the worst administration in history. 👈

  14. The bigger issue is: The Supreme Court was LITERALLY warned about this. They 100% knew this would happen, and yet made their ruling anyways. The 2 Justices who voted against it warned both the OTHER Justices AND AMerica.
    If Republicans were so Pro 2nd Ammendment, they NEVER would have made that decision.
    It was Extreme Anti-Abortion vs Guns, and they chose NOT GUNS.

    IF you have a problem with California's Law, take it up with Republicans. This would NOT have happened without the Supreme Court's decision.
    Lmao. "Democrats have an affinity for criminals"
    Remind me again who is raising a fuss over a bunch of traitorous rioters that DEMANDED to let them MURDER Mike Pence?
    ALSO: How can you say we have an Affinity for Criminals, when we LITERALLY made a Law TARGETING VIOLENT GUN CRIMINALS?! Like that just shows Repubs want to PROTECT VIOLENT GUN CRIMINALS!!

    Remind me again who is Tough on Criminals, but Soft on Crime by NOT treating the Source?
    Because our Prisons LITERALLY and SCIENTIFICALLY do NOT stop Crime, which is why we see so many Repeat Offenders. Which is why 3 Strikes Law FAILED!!!

    You can't say "Oh X is good", but then Bitch, Whine, Moan, and otherwise act like Special Snowflakes who have to suffer for the consequences of their actions. Who REFUSE to take Personal Responsibility for the mess they helped create.

  15. I think it's funny how some pro gun fanatics will use the argument "If they take away the right to possess certain guns, then what will they take away next?" But when women use the same argument regarding their reproductive health these same fanatics don't listen…
    Btw….How in the he'll can you be pro gun, pro death penalty, and pro war and call yourself "pro life"??
    In Texas, they should offer the $10,000 to anyone who turns in rapists!!! Now THAT would be some vigilantism that I could get behind!!!
    Good for CA governor….

  16. True fact: Republicans and other "pro 2nd Amendment" factions simply don't know and truly understand what the Second Amendment actually says:
    A well regulated Militia[1], being necessary to the security of a free State[2], the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Let's break that down:
    [1] A well regulated Militia, — If you're not a 'registered' member of any "well regulated Militia" (which no private citizen in the United States is), then you don't have any "right" to bear arms.

    [2] being necessary to the security of a free State,What/Which FREE STATE, EXACTLY, are you required [being necessary] to secure? The only answer is: NONE. Therefore, you don't have any "right" to bear arms.

    If, and only if, either/both are true, then and only then would you have any "right" to bear arms. Nowhere does it state that you have the right to bear arms just to hunt for your food (or even self-defense).
    Btw, I'm no lawyer, but the wording of most of our Constitution is pure simplicity … as long as you possess basic reading comprehension.

  17. Wonder if we could start
    suing police to get around qualified immunity?
    Sue politicians for not representing their voters.
    Suing churches everytime we were negatively impacted by acts of God?

  18. You know, all this talk about how liberals are terrible at handling crime and homelessness. I live in a red county in Ohio and we have a huge homeless and drug problem, but the local government just does its best to cover up the problem with a new coat of paint so nobody can see it.

  19. I get that SCOTUS made a BS decision, but I worry, we keep doing this, "we will will cause you will" with the Constitutional rights, soon the Constitution will no longer matter…its already being withered, wont this just help to wither it faster? Im seriously asking , because I dont know, but fuck it worries me…..

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