Comeback California with Special Guest Larry Elder

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Join us for a special service with California Gubernatorial Candidate, Larry Elder

0:00 – Introduction
19:05 – Larry Elder


  1. Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.” – John 18:36

    No government on earth in this present age will ever be Christ's. It makes zero sense for this church to prop up politicians that are destined to lose, and who also align themselves with corrupt republican politicians in the process. Yet Pastor Jack does this while simultaneously smearing God's name by attaching it to these flailing candidates who are seeking appointment to earthly government. Seek the kingdom of heaven, which is not of this world. This church sounds like its doing great things for the homeless and pregnant women. How do we hear more about those stories?

  2. Canada needs your prayers.

    As you know our Canadian elections are coming on September 20, 2021. This election will decide whether we continue as a Godly nation, free to choose between good and evil; or fall into a dictatorship of depravity. Please join me on September 19, 2021 at 7 PM Mountain standard time for prayers of intercession.

    I specifically asked that you pray for these things:

    -Pray for our election process to be conducted in an open, honest and fair manner without interference from outside nations and/or software malfunction.

    -Pray that God binds the plans of Satan and his workers and that he removes fear, deceit and discouragement in all of its forms so that people can choose freely.

    – Pray that Canadians everywhere stand united in peace, clarity, and integrity for the best interest of Canada and its neighbours.

    And finally, but most importantly, pray that Gods’ will be done so powerfully that his works may be glorified on earth.

    In the name of Yeshua/Jesus

    Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you.

    🔴TRUST IN JESUS & IN GOD’S UNFAILING WORD (James 4:6-10, 2 Cor 6:2, Titus 2:11-15)! 🙏 ✅
    🔴kEEP LOOKING UP!^ (Col 3:1-4) ❤️✝️ ✅

  4. 🇺🇲 tell your family and freinds to vote for Larry elder 🇺🇲 👍 this is our last chance to save california 🚨

  5. Pastor Jack I love listening to you on YouTube and love your teaching. I pray that Larry Elder wins California! Any way you talked about how the churches should get involved with pregnant women. Well Pastor John Hagee in San Antonio TX built a facility and named it Sanctuary of Hope. That saves the lives of unborn babies and it provides a safe place for pregnant women.

  6. 35:45 Critical Race Theory discussion.
    42:15 "And the sad thing is that he knows that it's not true. He's doing it for power, for politics. " (Barack Obama failing to set a good example upon election to presidential office)
    43:00 Vaccine and mask mandates
    46:30 Election integrity
    52:50 2022 mid-term election.
    55:00 The French Laundry restaurant.
    1:07:20 "Hard work wins. You get out of life what you put into it. You cannot control the outcome, but you are 100% in control of the effort. No matter how hard you work, how good you are, sooner or later bad things are going to happen. How you respond to those things will tell your mother and me if we raised a man."
    1:08:09 "Democrats want to give you something for nothing. And when you try to get something for nothing, you almost always end up getting nothing for something."

  7. I was going to Vote for this guy, but after hearing his days away from the Election hustle, he too like all the CONservitives want to pander to everyone but a specific group. Even though knowing Ann Coulter's scary revelations/facts about this issue it has not one time been brought up/// the huge foreign population. 3+ to 1.2 net gain in births and taking over almost every city/town in California. I see a Traitor and just like the traitor Trump I cannot Vote for this anti-Originalist garbage. Next is Afghanistan, he like every other Est/MIC/Media/Big Pharma/Private militaries/Trump/Republicants/Defense Contractor's run the same narrative. Trump said he would bring those troops home and he didn't, he had no intention of doing so… So Campaign lies are established by this example along with many others.
    Biden did do something in Afghanistan and it definitely deviates from the Bush, Obama, Trump SSDD. Newsom is a problem, but if that problem is trumped by a bigger problem [Conservatives destroying California again] We can't allow that to happen again… If you want a way better California back. Biden is also the only Presidential candidate to run and win to publicly speak about how a certain group in the US are now at a steady net loss in our own Country now. Wow! Also Trump and the Republicant Admin did Operation Warpspeed which would of used Posse comitatus [an unconstitutional action [unneeded] to send US Troops door to door to make people take the bad. Biden has made a 6 point plan etc but not used his Federal Powers to bypass States options to mandate any such thing… We'll see how this plays out though, but obviously way worse under the Trump Puppet Admin. Alot of what Larry Elder says and has said I agree with and he is a very intelligent person. But if root causes of the problems we're having are not addressed, what is the point ?

  8. I love Larry elder. However , I have a 100% greater chance of having each and every mrs universe bikini contestant sit on my face , than Larry has of winning. The dems will not allow it at any cost.

  9. As you know the people are the country's resource. Not gold or money. This is a speculation. You get no taxes. No jobs.
    Now people are dying or sick. Means no market. No market means no wealth. Its not the price of gold. Its how many people who buy or sale. That is the wealth the country needs more healthy people.
    We are losing this because the people are sick. That is our most valuable asset. Think about that?!

  10. Hello Mr. Elder. I read you complaint that slave owners should also receive reperations? Yeah, they did get it. The slaves saved the whole south after the civil war and It only cost a peanut.

  11. Every state should make a fund TO RETURN ALL CALIFORNIA'S back to their "motherland". They seem to be infecting with their way of voting the whole nation. YES, GO BACK CALIFORNIA!!!!! YOU WON'T BE MISSED…. ANYWHERE!!!😂😂😂👍👍👍

  12. An eye opening interview! Such a great man, for the people! A breath of fresh air in EVERY way …..wish we could have him in Texas.
    All he can do, when elected, is complete Newsom’s time. Worth the opportunity.

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