Clash of the Titans: Northern California Pig & Deer | S3E11 | MeatEater

In this episode, Steven Rinella joins forces with fellow hunter and wild game chef Hank Shaw in the hills of Central California to go after Columbia blacktail deer, wild pigs, and a handful of small game species that are in season. The end result is a culinary smorgasbord of epic proportions.

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  1. Man nothing like a wild hunter wild food chef as your field buddy as the chef and glasser shooter. Sorry he missed on the thrill of the kill but look at it in real light. He mads a gourmet outta a wild game meal. Bet the cOyotes were all over that spot where they cleaned and cooked aftermthey left
    Even the dirt tasted delicious. Looks likd another great time in california country. chefs look like fast food rollsrs. Mow you know why you take your time if you want it to taste delicious. The simpld wait is so worth it. Gives you time to get aet real hungry

  2. The last time I had jackrabbit my dad shot it took it back to my grandparents ranch I remember that the jackrabbit look like a dog and my grandpa didn't want to eat it haha

  3. Animals by default on loosing side when u use snipers like equipment….it’s a win loose equation, more value is on those who use skill based equipment bow or Speer….to out smart them

  4. A small number of Russian Wild Boar were brought to California and turned loose after the same were brought to a Smokey Mountain Hunting Club. When they mate with feral pigs the Wild Boar genes dominate. You can tell if a hog has Wild Boar genes because the piglets will be born with stripes. Wild boar have one litter a year and like Kangaroos the female can suspend her pregnancy until conditions are favorable. However the hybrids drop multiple litters in a year like domestic pigs. The combination of genetics has resulted in a pig bomb going off. Razorbacks are limited how far north they could go because females would drop litters in the cold and both mother and offspring would die. With Wild Boar blood that doesn't happen so the range of Wild Boar could end up extending all the way to Alaska. Do your best to put a dent in their numbersl

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