Chuck Todd: GOP Creating 'Mythology Of Doubt' In California Recall

Chuck Todd says, “whether it’s the fence around the Capitol, the recall in California … they are all yet more examples of the dangers of Trump’s anti-democratic message.”

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Chuck Todd: GOP Creating ‘Mythology Of Doubt’ In California Recall


  1. Regardless of Party Politics
    It is gratifying to see good triumph over evil
    A large number of Trump supporters are bereft
    Their hero lost
    More people hate Trump than like him
    They STILL don't understand
    A Trump endorsement is the kiss of death , as proved by this result
    Carry on campaigning Donald , you have my blessing !

  2. Ok then explain to me how so many people show up to vote and told they already voted. Explain this to me. These were actual people on local news interviews. At the polls when it actually happened

  3. Republicans are full of idiots and uneducated. If the Republicans educated and uneducated believes this conspiracy theories they will vote Elders but Not 39% only. He should be ashamed himself.

  4. The Unites States of America have been destabilizing and interfering into the elections of many countries, particularly, in the Caribbean and other parts of the Americas. Therefore, in order to make it appear feasible and garner support among its citizens, they utilized the close relationships with the powerful mainstream media outlets to otherwise fabricate the messaging and state that these countries had fraudulent elections. What is happening presently in America is the 'chickens have finally come home to roost'. Abraham Lincoln said it best … “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will because we destroyed ourselves …”

  5. Why waste time and money on something phoney? Why have so much confidence in your ability to lead that you start out declaring the process illegitimate?

    2/3 of country think the Republicans are a group of clowns!!!

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