California's Water Problem


Video description:
California, the most populous state in the US has an enormous demand for water. In this video, we want to understand how this water supply is maintained and what some future challenges might be.

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  1. We need to look towards Israel to solve this problem, they are the world's most efficient country as managing waste water. Desalination, drip irrigation, and better water recycling will help. Israel recycles about 90% of their waste water.

  2. Born and raised here for about 2/3 of my life being spent in Southern California. What’s funny is all the great industries he listed in the beginning that contribute to California’s massive GDP that is greater than the huge country of India. When he was talking about that obviously a lot of people who aren’t from California or know any of its politics will think that that is incredible and what a prosperous and successful state but the truth of the matter is just imagine the taxes generated off of that GDP!!! Yeah the California government has an abundance of wealth to work with to fix roads and build schools and just make California all around amazing and still yet they are constantly in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. Literally they are on the verge of bankruptcy all the damn time and it just goes to show that the people that govern California who are predominantly Democrat supposed leftist progressive people because they’re not liberals but they just are the worst at managing money! There are so many big and beautiful cities in California to drive through and you have to dodge giant Basketball sized and sometimes bigger potholes in the road that if you hit they will not only pop your tire and damage your rim but possibly break your damn suspension or drive shafts! I’ve seen it happen countless times in these potholes I’m talking about will sometimes be on the damn highway where driving 70 miles an hour heating that can be extremely dangerous! The potholes are just one of the few major Major problems that never get fixed with taxpayer money that is miss managed by the richest state in our nation and in the top five richest GE peas in the world! There’s no excuse and there’s obviously a lot of corruption and that’s why the liberals/Democrats need to lose power in California because they’re just ruining the most beautiful and best state as far as resources in America

  3. Water shortages and food shortages are caused by the lack of rain and snow or is it more likely, the lack of large amounts electricity to make water.

    Sunspots, cosmic rays, the Earth's Magnetosphere, jets stream, the amount of salt in the ocean water at the poles, and volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere, may be something you look into. Look at the history of solar cycles like the Modern Eddy Mimium we are now living in. Check the number of days in a now shorter and colder growing cycle we maybe living in as we look to feed the world.

    Time for a total marketable idea to feed and water the World.

    Well, well a water well, an old idea, but today we all can make water out of the air. Today we can use solar power, wind power, Wateroter or slow speed turbines, Natrium and or Thorium salt reactors and then use an atmospheric water generator system and make water all day long even in the driest places on Earth.

    Now let's take it to the next step.

    I don't sell any of these ideas, or work for any companies I talk about, the question is, is now the time to market a total package and save the planet?

    How would I change the world.

    First Trump wants to build a wall, Bill Gates wants to reduce the population, I got a better idea. YES a better idea, that we can build and do today. Just search all these ideas I put together here to solve World problems.

    The applied future of Natrium or Thorium reactors that can make water and grow food, and can be used to feed the world.

    Now we start by building a Magnetic Levitation Railroad between San Diego and the Gulf of Mexico to replace the Panama canal for shipping containers traveling at 250 miles per hour. Now also, using the same right of way, build an Irrigation Project to turn the Southern United States and Northern Mexico into a World class agriculture center. How do I power this project by using a liquid fluoride thorium reactor (acronym LFTR; often pronounced lifter) is a type of molten salt reactor. If you search for a map of Thorium deposits in the United States, you can see by the map we have tons of Thorium all over the United States. Check on YouTube and search What they don't want you to know about Thorium, and other Thorium videos. Also search Natrium salt reactors, both types of reactors can be used to make power.

    What am I going to power with Thorium Reactor or Natrium Reactor?

    I would build:
    Atmospheric Water Generators and Seawater Desalination plants.
    With these plants I would make Electrical power, Drinking water, Irrigation water, mine the ocean for Rare earth minerals. Along the right away I would build fresh water fish farms based on Hydroponics for fish meat and fertilizer. Adding a third Thorium or Natriun reactor and by pumping desalinated sea water to the head waters of all rivers in the area that water would replace water tables through natural filtration into the soil. Projects of this size could feed three to four time the population of the world, by turning the Sahara Desert, Central Africa and Australian Outback into gardens. I have been telling people about this for years.

    Green houses made of transparent aluminum can be built in the far North and using Thorium or Natrium power plants with seven color LED grow lights, both the North and South poles could also be used to grow food. We can do this today.

    Eddie Delzer 01/12/2019

    Update 7/4/2021
    Do you have a nearby moving river or stream? You can now place a slow speed water generator on the bottom of the stream and make power. The unit is called a Wateroter made in Canada. The Wateroters won't harm fish and can be scaled up to meet the needs of small towns or cities. Make the power miles away from the small town, sell the power to the power company than use the power to make water anywhere. Atmospheric water generators can make drinking water and irrigation water, and with a Wateroter, power can be made even in remote regions of the World. You just need moving water in streams, irrigation channels, fish ladders or even waste water outlet's. Garbage treatment plants can also use the power they make burning garbage to make water with atmospheric water generators and storage tanks.


  5. There is a new invention: Process of converting seawater to hydrogen, piping it and
    reforming it to freshwater that converts seawater into freshwater AND transfer
    it inland at minimal cost. It can be powered by solar cells. This investment would last
    generations and would avoid the uncertain weather.

  6. The water shortage is due to big companies hogging all the damn water for their legal cannabis farming not to mention the fruits and vegetables they grow. Meanwhile the dumb peasants are like what? We cant use the water that we want? Why? Wtf? So in other words the water is being controlled by bastards with a shit load of money. No feeling towards civilians. Its a damn shame we live in world lime this.

  7. Olive products from California are the best! Been to the Olive Pit. Remenber, Olive oil is pure from California. Olive oil from other countries is often cut with Canola oil. Not allowed here.

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