California's unemployment fraud climbs to $20 billion

California has paid at least $20 billion dollars in fraudulent unemployment benefits since the start of the pandemic. Adam Beam, a California reporter for the Associated Press, joins Lana Zak on CBSN to discuss.

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  1. Hence the reason behind the labor shortage. Government pays people to stay home. The left want people to be lazy. It’s easy to control lazy people. Like dogs, they’ll do pretty much whatever you want as long as you keep giving them the scraps. That sums up the spirit of socialism.

  2. So it sounds like the state hasn’t got any money back and no one is being prosecuted.
    WTF do you realize that 20 billion is a lot of money? Sounds like government and government friends probably just ran a scam on California, taking whatever money that they wanted. What a joke.

  3. How does California even pay almost $180 billion in unemployment benefits? There's less than 40 million "residents" (don't you have to be documented to receive these benefits?) of which maybe half of them are working (between 20 – 65 years old, not including the disabled, the voluntarily not working and the wealthy/investors/owners/early retired/pensioned). So maybe 20 million workers of which not all are eligible for benefits. There would need to be around 4.5 million people or almost 25% of the entire working state unemployed and eligible from the beginning of the pandemic to the end of the federal supplements to receive an average of $40k each. That's like prolonged Great Depression levels of unemployment. I think the fraud is way over 11%…

  4. And the DemocRATS still reelected Gruesome Newsom when he was recalled. California is the stupidest State in the Union. Trump was correct ~ everything woke turns to💩

  5. California needs new leaders newsom has failed vote he and every democrat politicians out we need a leader who actually will fight for people and their rights and choices we need a Larry elder or a Kevin kiley to lead California

  6. California used to let serial killers have conjugal visits. Manson family serial killer Tex Watson has like 3 kids from prison. I guess we should just be thankful they haven’t just let him go free.

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