California's Largest Wildfire Burns 300 Square Miles, Threatens 10,000 Homes

Erratic winds and the potential for dry lightning added to the challenges facing firefighters battling California’s largest wildfire, one of numerous blazes burning Monday across the U.S. West.

Over the weekend, the massive Dixie Fire merged with the smaller Fly Fire and tore through the remote Northern California community of Indian Falls.

The blaze had already leveled at least 16 houses and other structures, but a new damage estimate wasn’t immediately available because flames were still raging in the mountain area.

Gusty winds also hindered containment efforts and the problem could get worse with the predicted arrival later Monday of pyrocumulus clouds — literally meaning ” fire clouds ” — which can bring lightning and the risk of new ignitions.

Fire officials said the blaze had charred nearly 309 square miles (800 square kilometers) of timber and brush in Plumas and Butte counties, about two hours northeast of Sacramento. It was 22% contained and more than 10,000 homes were still under threat.

Authorities were hopeful that improving weather will help them continue to make progress against the nation’s largest wildfire, the Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon.

It was 53% contained after scorching 640 square miles (1,657 square kilometers) of remote land.

On Monday, an additional crew of Oregon National Guardsmen were sent to help out the more than 2,200 people battling the blaze.

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  1. The dehumidifiers in our 30 x 50 ft basement produce over 8 gal of pure water, that has been extracted from the humid air by condensation, PER DAY. It gets wasted by going down our sump drain. Sometimes we divert the condensation water, using the drainage hoses on the machines, to fill our plant water cans and our house plants love it

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    Any water produced is absolutely pure and is channeled to where it can be utilized.

    We can follow that example and even improve on it. The water recovered is pure and if needed it can be pumped to its destination by solar or other green powered pumps even over higher elevations.

    It'd be a smart, useful application of already existing water technology. And could become a new and green industry

  2. Don't be tricked or deceived this is God's judgement unfolding right before your eyes and it will get much worse .. I feel certain that this state is now predestined for destruction and simply awaits the final blow.. What I'm fairly certain as to why we see these terrible events is due in great part to all of the PRIDE parades which have taken place across the state for many years. The state allowing this atrocity to continue has brought down upon it the wrath of God. Furthermore I believe the Almighty is totally finished with the state of Calif.. no mercy!

  3. Forest mismanagement, water resources & aquifer mismanagement, feces and needles mismanagement (streets of major Cali cities), financial mismanagement, societal harmony mismanagement, disease mismanagement, border mismanagement, educational mismanagement, environmental mismanagement…….

  4. The United States spends $700 000 000 000 on military spending…and gives away( like a good Samaritan) billions of dollar to other countries but it can put a stop to wildfires? Classic of the United States…

  5. You mean you destroyed all your aqua-cultural and horticultural infrastructure and it resulted in a massive series of uncontrollable blazes set to help reduce the vibrant forests and grasslands back to the parched desert from whence the land once came? Now who could’ve seen that coming? Man, if only there was an obvious way to avoid that!

  6. This has nothing to do with "climate" and everything to do with Californias terrible management. You need water ? You have trillions of gallons available in the ocean, desalinated would provide more then they will ever need.

  7. They don’t do forest restoration /clean out anymore and your governor lets all your water go to the ocean; instead he could have built reservoirs throughout the state; you vote stupid you get stupid with no common sense; maybe you should look up their records and see what they believe in before you vote next time.
    But know you’ll move to another state and vote stupid again and screw up another state.

  8. The Lord is trying to tell you people something open your eyes to whos truly in control! Definitely not man! I'll be praying for the homeless. But i can assure you the man in charge out there won't care about whos homeless. 😏

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