California's Gov. Gavin Newsom beats recall effort backed by GOP

California Gov. Gavin Newsom soundly beat an effort led by Republicans to force him to step down through a recall effort, garnering a majority of the expected voters on Tuesday.

In August, there was concern polls were showing a narrowing between those voting for and against the recall due to Democrats not being enthusiastic about voting. But by spurring his base and bringing in some heavy hitters like President Joe Biden, he was able to turn the tide and soar to a victory.

Sean Previl takes a look at what led to the recall, the end result and what it could mean for Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

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  1. With the hole in the ballot envelope it was probably rigged. Sure it's been standard practice for years it the only way they can stay in office.

  2. Who was in charge of the recall vote count? If it was the same people that were in charge of our last presidential election than we are still in big trouble

  3. According to new data released today by the state Department of Finance, California's population . That's the first time that annual statistic has come with a minus sign since 1900, when the department began collecting these estimates.

  4. So we are to believe Californians voted for increased taxes, lock-downs for the fully vaxxed, illegal immigration, homelessness, and gun crimes, while this champagne socialist dines with Hollywood stars?

  5. Headline should read "We did it! We cheated again and got away with it". The bible tells us of this, There will be an increase of lawlessness. Find our Lord and savior before "this" is your eternity.

  6. GOPers were unhappy, unappreciative people before Newsom …. Newsom was always going to win because stable Californians like Newsom and appreciate how he handled the pandemic … GOPers should have to pay the 300 million dollar cost for their stupidity … shame on you that money could have helped a lot of homeless and poor families..

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