California Will Require Vaccinations Or Covid Tests For State Employees And Health Care Workers

California Governor Gavin Newsom holds a press conference on vaccination efforts and announces a vaccine mandate for state workers.

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  1. A  study yesterday details breakthrough COVID-19 infections in 39 of 1,497 fully vaccinated Israeli healthcare workers, with most cases mild or moderate but 19% with symptoms lingering for more than 6 weeks.

  2. If you take the time to look at the movie “THEY LIVE” this is the type of entities that we are dealing with. Pure evil. They have no intention of trying to save anyone from the virus they concocted.


    Forcing Vavcines
    Protect our Healthcare workers/workers
    Rules for Thee and Not for Me
    Destroying CA
    For Criminals

    Vote – Larry Elder

  4. Recall this idiot! He doesn't wear a mask at big gatherings because he knows this is all fake. Newsom and his ilk are all liars. This is about control. They want to say jump and the people scream "how high" immediately no questions asked. We are losing our freedoms slowly. This is how it starts. Wake up and recall this fool!

  5. I can't wait until people have a need for teeth extraction, or medical assistance with experience .how many people will die from malpractice lack of knowledge, welcome to the beginning of the end.i'm quitting, and many more.

  6. First of all, He’s less than 6ft away from that lady w no mask.
    I’m not vaccinated nor will i ever be, and i survived covid! Which i most likely got from a vaccinated person i was around who had it and chose not to say anything about being ill. When i asked my medical provider if i had the variant strain i was told “there’s no way to tell or test for that” so where are these numbers coming from?!

  7. CA is breaking down… its such a shame… homelessness, crime, vax mandates, maks mandates, businesses engaging in illegal termination of employees.. what a great job this guy’s done 👏🏼

  8. I RESPECTFULLY ADVISE THAT; if this is OR is not the mark, please take the opportunity to TEACH YOURSELF to decline a forceful &/OR deceitful attempt in putting something inside yourself so IF there is still an actual attempt in the near future, you may have some KNOWLEDGE & hopefully avoid it. – Thank you & stay strong –

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