California Wildfires: Cal Fire update on Dixie Fire | July 23, 2021

California Wildfires | According to Cal Fire’s Friday report, the Dixie Fire increased by 40,000 acres Thursday to Friday, becoming the largest fire currently burning in California. The Dixie Fire, which started on July 14, has since burned a total of 142,940 and is only 18% contained. Cal Fire believes the fire will continue to move further north and northeast, with the possibility for two to three more miles of new growth. Fire crews are also now dealing with the Fly Fire, which sparked Thursday evening in Butterfly Valley, near the site of the Dixie Fire, growing up to 1,650 acres..

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    Well, it’s another fire season. It’s getting drier all the time and we’ve already had a bunch of fires this summer. This channel is a great way for us to share information and watch out for our community. I found a great resource to help all of us. Firemaps gives you a free home assessment that assigns you a risk score. Then you can use this to figure out the steps you can take to reduce your risk from wildfires by up to 90%. I figure we would all like to protect ourselves before even larger fires happen! Check it out and let me know what you think! It takes one minute to sign up.

  2. It is so hard to find this kind of information – thank you for posting, but it should be much easier to find and should be updated much more frequently.

  3. Too bad Cali can't have some of our Southern Arizona arid dry desert hotter than fire summer monsoon precipitation. We're having flash floods and it's been raining for a week. Then again, we get that every summer.

  4. I'm 65 and grew up in So. Cal. and I can't remember a year that didn't have fires. So today we're driving a car on Mars but still dealing with these fires. They throw out numbers something like 10 million dollars to put out this fire. Why not spend that money on prevention ? Cut down a 1/4 of trees, your going to lose them all in the fire anyway, you might get lucky and save half of them. The Millions the Insurance companies pay out, apply half of that to the prevention fund and maybe save your selves some money. In 2021 it doesn't make sense that we're still having these outrageous fires.

  5. Meanwhile in other news Dubai successfully modifies the weather to artificially induce pouring rain on demand in the desert….
    OR how about this ability was already big, global business back in 2015:
    Bloomberg article “Making Rain is Now Big Business”
    How about a Texas state license to modify the weather:

  6. Yes stop being careless starting these fires. Anyone knows who lives in these areas how dry it is in these areas. Our firefighters are busy dealing with big fires in other areas trying to save towns and lives. We dont need selfish people causing more problems.

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