California votes in governor recall election

When will the results come in from California’s rare recall election? Melissa Duggan on the vote deciding if Governor Gavin Newsom keeps his gig.


  1. imagine saying that Cali is an evil blue state filled with leftists, and then saying that the election in said state was in fact rigged and in fact its a red state in secret….Conservatives are incoherent

  2. Democrat state is not the same as democratic state! Stop conflating the words! The democrats are the real racist elites! The rather crush their people and create social divides instead of actually making solutions!

  3. its all a fraud….DEMOCRATS WILL RIG EVERY ELECTION FROM HERE ON OUT…then use those elections to keep installing socialism. Just like hugo chavez did to venezuela

  4. A trump clone haha…like trump is soo bad hahaha..he had the best policies and economy…unlike every trash blue state in america…Anywhere liberals or democrats are running things are hellholes…people fleeing blue states and these democrats have destroyed every major city in the last 100 years and they want to use trump to keep that power. WHAT AJ JOKE…vote these commies out now everywhere.

  5. To all of you who believe that somehow the election is rigged, you are all out of your minds! Trump has ruined your country with his big lie and now whenever the election does not go the Republican’s way, they will call rigged election. I sure hope your paranoia does not travel up here in Canada because we have a national election on Monday, and I for one believe that it will be a true and honest one! Trump lost! Accept it and get on with your lives.

  6. I dont even live in California but this election had peaked my curiosity. For the last few hours on every open comment section it seems to be 90% against and 10% for, yet he still won? Seems odd to say the least. Good luck California either way.

  7. This is how pathetic this man and the people that follow him are!😒

    The state is a rolling bus fire because of his mandates and the only thing that comes out of his mouth when he's called on the carpet is Trump-ism!🙄

    This greaseball politician makes himself look like a lunatic with this all of this fake @$$ Trump ism 🐂💩!😝

  8. Elder lost big time just like Dump. Northern California is full of the non-educated folk that believe Covid is not real so it's no surprise they believe in voter fraud. So silly. Tricks are for kids. This country dosen't believe in the ex-clown named Trump. Lost by a lot chump!!

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