California to require vaccinations for state workers

California will require state employees and all healthcare workers to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or get tested weekly, tightening restrictions in an effort to slow rising coronavirus infections in the nation’s most populous state, mostly among the unvaccinated.


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  1. 90 percent of hospitalization are among the vaccinated and they are now thee spreaders of the Delta variant

  2. This guy is a liar, how do you explain the flu for 2020 accounted for 645 deaths as opposed to 75,000 in 2019

  3. Mark 12:29-34
    [29]And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:
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  4. Can’t wait to hear what all those black government workers say when they are forced to vaccinate by the man. Just wait and see.

  5. Fu×k the vaccine, Recall Gavin Newsome.
    (He is the only one who can be without a face mask in restaurants without vaccine.)

  6. What is Gavin (Nuisance) so concerned about if he has been vaccinated??? and also to claim the unvaccinated are the same inconsiderate people who drink and drive, and yet he attended a party during the mid of the covid pandemic crisis 🤷🏻‍♀️
    The point of the vaccination was to protect people from covid and the delta variant being admitted to the hospital? that they wouldn’t get sick like unvaccinated….unlike some of these vaccines that actually put you there! but we’re not talking about that now, are we?

  7. If they try to mandate the vaccine they'll have mass protests. Perhaps it's by design, divide and conquer.

  8. Please show up for the recall in September. Vote yes to recall Newsom and get Larry Elder in.

  9. I will only believe this when I see a dmv slug get canned. I have never seen a cal state worker terminated for anything.

  10. This is going to end like that scene from "Thank You For Smoking" when Nick gets kidnapped and covered in nicotine patches, left for dead in the street.

  11. So much for my body my choice. This is setting a precedence – "encouraging other employers". Pregnancy getting in the way of your job, get abortion or get fired.

  12. I wonder if he was worried about covid when he was out having dinner with friends. What an idiot!!!

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  14. Gavin the elitist and the hypocrite who is trying to divide and conquer. Gives no credit to people who have antibodies from contracting the virus. He has to divide people and politicize this issue. Meanwhile he wasn’t in the trenches with the people. He was living the high life, with his private business open while he didn’t abide by his own criteria. Recall. Yes. Vote someone else.

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