California to require vaccination or testing for state employees and health care workers

Gov. Gavin Newsom and California health officials have announced a vaccine verification and testing program that will be implemented for all state employees and health care workers starting in August. Full story:


  1. Pfizer Leaks are online,wow!!! Says Pfizer doesn't know efficacy nor long term effects of vaccine and that americans got screwed!
    overcharged!!!And the contract agreements say country who buys them need to use the government to silence shocking! His son got caught unmasked in a camp. I regret voting 4 newsom aghh. Such bs. I didn't vote 4 trumpturd.

  2. How a virus that escaped a high tech facility can be eradicated with Hand sanitizer and a fabric face mask doesn’t make sense to me. A vaccine that can damage my body and I cannot sue for said damage is equally disturbing.

  3. Opioid Crisis. Homeless Crisis Suicide. Abortion non issues were never solved even partially. But this one has the perfect solution. Was solved in roughly a year. What is the hidden motive?

  4. Lol..there is nothing to worry about..isnt that right Mr Newsom well u and orhers wore no masks and sat close to each other at the Restaurant French Laundry Right!

  5. Get the vaccine people, so we can move on. The virus will become weaker faster and will shorten the length of the pandemic. Don't listen to conspiracy theorists.

  6. This is Nazism!!! BS!! But it's all right for those people to come across the border and not get tested that's that's a horse of a different color right? This is discrimination and they know it

  7. Gee Gavin…. Since it is becoming apparent that the non-FDA "Approved", experimental mRNA so-called "vaccine" does not guarantee that you will be immune to catching or transmitting covid… will you be mandating all of those "booster shots" coming our way? Now I know you need to find out what your "Medical Industry Lobbyist" masters want you to do… you know… the same folks who bought you that fancy French dinner and all that wine at French Laundry… so get back to us when they give you your "talking points." One word of advice thought… since you're about to get recalled…. Id find a different restaurant for the meeting.

  8. This nation is going down hill & Newsom is a recalled candidate at this point. There is an accumulated amount of votes required to have Newsom recalled & we met those requirements. 
    His decision to dictate should be postponed until WE THE PEOPLE make an official decision if he should continue to govern or not.

  9. This isn’t anything new we’ve been doing this since November I’ve tested negative over 40 times 🤔 they don’t even check for proof you tested . You have to test if you’re vaccinated . You have to wear a mask .

  10. Mandatory testing is too lax. I say you need proof of vaccination or you're not allowed to step near a hospital for any health reason. If you don't care about infecting others with covid, then we don't care about your health either.

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