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Gov. Newsom announced that vaccine verification will be required of all employees who work for the state of California, and also those in all healthcare settings, and for those not vaccinated, regular testing will be required. Patrick Healy reports for NBC4 News at 3 p.m. on July 26, 2021. Read more here:

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  1. In 2018 Todd Gloria co sponsored SB239 which decriminalized knowingly infecting someone with the AIDS or HIV virus. At the time his reasoning was that, it being a felony punishable by eight years in prison, would unfairly stigmatize people with the virus. Now Gloria wants to stigmatize individuals and small businesses that are against masking or receiving the experimental Covid vaccines. So it's okay with him to knowingly infect someone with the deadly AIDS virus, but it's a crime to go without a mask or vaccine. Newsom is just more of the same.

  2. The Blessing Of A Bad Intention Can Not Produce A Victory. For the Truth About Vaccination Programs read the Historic, This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, by Dr Robert B Strecker, a Trained Pathologist with a PhD In Pharmacology.

  3. Pfizerleaks is out! Contract agreements of Pfizer were leaked: to be kept secret for 30 years in Israel and 10 in other countries,that Pfizer does not know efficacy nor effects of vaccine,Americans and is ra el were overcharged, worst things there. I'm 😡. And country who buys these to stop all bad info.Sheez!!!

  4. Desperate to keep his dictatorial powers, corrupt Chairman Nuisance created this super spreader surge by coordinating with Biden to allow thousands of infected illegal immigrants to flood across the border and move here then support them with taxpayer dollars. Recall the incompetent idiot

  5. So much for my body my choice. This is setting a precedence – "encouraging other employers". Pregnancy getting in the way of your job, get abortion or get fired.

  6. Who are these idiots in the background with masks on? Dont they have the shot? You must have the shot if youre working for the schmuck talking. So if the shot is soooooooo great. Then the masks seem redundant. Someone smarter then me please explain.

  7. Tell that to the State Unions lol. You implemented this rule without consulting the Unions that represent thousands of workers? Nah, that ain't going to work. The problem with the rule is not so much with the vaccines or testing…it's how you set up a center where people feel safe going there? I don't want to go out and lineup with a bunch of unvaccinated folks risking myself of getting infected. It is no difference than in the beginning of the pandemic where people that don't want to go to hospital after getting infected with minor issue. They don't want to go to hospital and being surrounded by people and breathing the same air and God knows what they inhale and ended up with getting the virus. Now, if you send me a kits and say okay, you can cotton swap your nose and then put it into an envelope and send it back, I have no problem doing that kind of testing. But if you ask me to go and drive through a specific place surrounding myself with a bunch of unvaccinated folks breathing the same air and doing that every week? What are the chance I am going to be infected doing that than not doing it at all? You see the concern is not the testing, it's the place the does the testing. Now, if you say why not just vaccinated and you have nothing to worry about. Why? It's because the vaccines is the virus ITSELF!! You're basically making your body to become a virus so that if in case you get infected, your body know how to respond. But I am not about to allow any vaccine to enter my body since it is unproven how damage it can be to your genes, DNA ….a year from now, two years from now, who knows what's going to happen. We don't know…we only know that it helps create an immune respond to the virus.

  8. People complaining about their freedom to refuse vaccination are the ones spreading it. Your freedom is ruining life for those who DID receive the vaccination. If we go into lockdown it’s on you.

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