1. wait holy shit, this is activating primordial neurons in my brain… I only lived in California when I was little, and this brings me back like one of those "remember this old PBS show?" youtube videos

  2. I don't know about other states but FL is making divots on the centerline and road edge to replace the dots. Then there are still the rumble strips that warn you when a high-speed road is coming to an end (4 lines of raised "paint" then repeat a few times with some space in between).

  3. I hope you do a video on the self illuminating markers. Where I am in Texas, we got a crazy cross-over extra light before the light to turn left and they use markers that light up and don't reflect.

  4. Grew up in rural Ohio and love the reflector. I hate that in town and urban areas that they don’t put them down because like you said, when it rains, you can’t see lane markings at all

  5. I’m from CT we don’t use these or have reflectors on the road because it snows too much they just use the reflective paint in the road so you can always see the lines rain or snow. I just recently moved to WA and these are everywhere to the point that I had typed in “road dots” 😂 to figure it out cause I’ve never seen them before

  6. I think I read once that speed bumps cost lives by making ambulances slow down like everyone else. That's another reason not to have them.

  7. here in New York and next door in Massachusetts there's a reflector I've seen that's recessed below the surface of the pavement. I don't know if they were just trying them out, because they're not everywhere, but I know i-88 in New York had reflective Lane markers until maybe 10 years ago when they repaved. I do have to say that they were pretty amazing especially in fog at night. I was able to drive full speed in the fog because I knew exactly how far ahead into the fog I could actually see, meaning I was more confident that I might see deer crossing in the fog

  8. We use "skip dashes"–a reflective white intermediate painted or adhered strip followed immediately by an immediate black stripe same dimensions to contrast the concrete pavement gray from the white and black. This is now common in Iowa. Iowa State Highway Commission now uses these on all new facilities. Of course, "Botts' Dots" were never used here because of the snow plow issue and the fact that adhesives used would not withstand the incredible differences in ambient pavement surface temperature between winter, spring, summer and fall.

  9. These videos are informative and hilarious at the same time! Gotta love this guy and his passion for the roads!

  10. What about the similar but different sounding bump-strips? Usually put on the outer lines of the road to alert people drifting out of the lane, you hear a rumbling that startles you back into your lane. Usually not used in between lanes as they would cause extra noise pollution for every car changing lanes

  11. I got a little freaked out the first time I saw Stimsonite reflectors with a white reflector in one direction and red in the other.

  12. The reason California got the sand results for the dotted highway and the not dotted one is because it never rains

  13. if tesla can't design a car that doesn't require changing the infrastructure of roads, we're all doomed to die to teslas one day.

    also i'm in dallas, they're everywhere here. hope it stays that way

  14. Well I didn't do anything today but watch these videos all day… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. June 18 2021. On the 405 Freeway in Fountain Valley California they reinstalled all the new dots back on the freeway there for the toll lanes ? You need to update your story sir it's not valid no more modifications

  16. Cali has legal lane splitting for motorcycles (to keep them safe from rear end collisions) and those things mess with traction on a motorcycle.

  17. Great video Rob! We had a freak snowstorm in Huntsville a half decade ago and the city sent out a fleet of graders to plow everything from the small surface roads, to the controlled access highways and their exits. They stripped almost all of the Bots Dots off of the roadways and got the attention of the local news stations, who pointed out that the expense of replacing the reflectors is equal to that of retrofitting every city utility vehicle with a snowplow. 😂

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