California Recall Offers Test For Off-Year Elections

The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman discusses what the California recall election could mean for the Virginia governor’s race. 
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  1. Hey MSNBC… since you like numbers and stats… did you see the CNN live clip that showed recall election fraud? (400,000 yes recall votes disappeared live on CNN, just like the 20k votes in 2020) Factor that into your numbers

  2. 9 MILLION ballots mailed out a month prior to the election. Fraud……….of course not. Nothing to see here😎, move along, move along.

  3. California Elites and Government Dependents outnumber working middle class ( the ones getting clobbered) ? In too deep to do anything but keep doubling down on Newsoms Shenanigans ? 🤔

  4. There is a "virus" that is more deadly than COVID and everyone already has it. It metastasizes as we grow older and has a mortality rate of 100%. We all die from it. It is called sin. However, there is good news, Jesus Christ is the "Cure" for this disease. Come to Him, He wants you. Ask Him to "Cure" you from this sin disease and then start reading His letters to you, starting in the NT, Gospel of John. Come to Him before it is too late, time is running out. My prayers go with you.

  5. Frankly, it's a very good thing a Republican did not win the election. There is not enough time to fix the deep insidious problems the Democrats have created over decades and the idiots of this state would immediately blame every single problem on the Republicans. (True story…..I was told Swarzenegger was responsible for all CA's problems). Serious question though…can we build a wall around California to keep people that vote for this inside?

  6. I think the election tells exactly where we are. People have serious real-world problems like crime, homelessness, high taxes, unemployment, suffering infrastructure etc…….and all the Democrats who caused it can offer is "we have to fight against ….(Bigfoot or some other imaginary thing)" and "Orange man bad". It should be noted that they are so profoundly stupid they voted against Trump …and he is not even running. They voted against the "white supremacist black guy". Seriously. It does not matter. Either people are so profoundly stupid they enjoy punching themselves repeatedly in the balls or the new "mail-out ballot" based laws are so subject to manipulation from harvesting that no one that is not favored in densely populated, dependent class inner cities will ever win again.

  7. Apparently California didn't want a republican coming in and saying, "No masks! No vaccines! You can all start dying now!! It's ok! I'm here"!

  8. If you’re gonna have a Republican governor in a blue state, it has to be a Hogan or Baker or Scott, not a mini-me Trump wannabe like DeSantis, Abbott, or other Southern governors.

  9. Anyone who lives in California and truly cares about its future voted No. Only the conservatives who actively want to destroy our country and its democracy voted Yes.

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