1. I would like to thank Candace Owens for helping Larry Elder lose the election by exposing his WS talking points against black African Americans, and how he believed racism/slavery against black African Americans was ok because they were property. 🤔 So thank you Candace Owens you did good this round. He is a danger to the black community period. I am not a fan of Gavin Newsom, but I'd take him over Larry Elder any day. Now, he wants to speak as if black African Americans are important to him because he loss. Yay!!!! Glad he was defeated!!!!
    Oh yeah, and give back that campaign money to the people Larry!

  2. Newsom called in the elite squad in Washington because he didn’t want to lose his retirement. He’s not going to run again… He just doesn’t want to lose his sweet government paycheck that happens to be about 500% more than any one of you can make in a private company doing the same thing. If he was to be recalled, he would’ve lost all of that sweet government bribe money. And now, to punish the states… You’re gonna have a bunch of new mask mandates and restrictions the people in the city don’t have to worry about

  3. Maybe when citizens vote based on the real issues instead of D’s & R’s some balance may come to California. Until then we all just fall into the same trap the two gangs want to perpetuate.

  4. Elder would have just been a lifeline for a dying state. Let that blue cesspool eat itself into oblivion. Easier to build up from a clean slate than trying patch a rotten foundation

  5. Having spent over three decades working in public supported schools, much of it in California, I take offense at liars who don't bother to base their criticisms on facts. Public Education is basically funded on property taxes. Some large western states also use the land given to them from the settlement by Congress of unwanted land for public education funding also, although the State Government waste fraud and abuse of those cherry picked lands has been largely ignored by school critics. I have never spent even one year in public education in which there was not a district wide or county wide job performance evaluation required OF ALL TEACHERS. This was routinely required year after year after year and tenure never played a part in the evaluation. California State Government has a robust teacher certification program, with testing required, college training standards required and periodic requirements for teacher training AT THE TEACHER'S OWN PERSONAL EXPENSE. This man is just lying. If even half the money spent on Military toys were devoted to public education, this country would have the best educational system, serving cradle to grave age groups, ever seen in all of mankind's history. Republicans have done more damage to public education than the next worst thing: forcing it to rely on property taxes for it's operating and plant budget. If Republicans stopped using government to enrich themselves and their cronies, we would have much better lives.

    Bush flipped all the productive student testing pioneered by California out the window, without even inquiring what the loss of these valuable diagnostic tests meant to empowering student learning. Bill Bennett, the "Education Czar" and Pete Wilson, Republican Governor of California in the 90's, wasted enormous money on attempts to privatize all of California's public schools. Wilson lost in that attempt and privatized the public utilities instead, leading to the infamous Enron scandals in which Enron manipulated plant closings to rake in millions and millions of dollars overcharging California customers for energy, despite serving up daily rolling brown outs.

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