California Recall: Kornacki Breaks Down New Exit Polling

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki takes it to the Big Board to explain the new exit poll data from the California recall election. 
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  1. A case of the loud minority…they may have a voice but they don’t possess the power in a democracy.

  2. Thank God ! Now we can sleep easy knowing that violent crime, Heroin & Meth & utter insanity are legal. Plus, The Democrats can officially hold up those shiny middle fingers to those millions of Black mothers that are begging to "Chose" to send their children to schools where they will actually learn something and not get shot. I will be Beautiful to watch California Destroy itself

  3. !!🇺🇸💙NEWSOM WINS LANDSLIDE!!🇺🇸 When Democrats WIN by a Landslide:
    3. Criminal Voter Suppression Laws (400 rushed in by Heritage Foundation) 4. GQP Fascist COUP LOSER RALLIES 1.6.2021 COUPs 9.18.2021 DON'T WORK!!!!!

  4. Let me get this straight, the people who’s main concern are the economy and homelessness decided to back a candidate that would do nothing but make those problems worse 😂. California has the strongest economy in the United States and the 5th largest in the world. Now on to homelessness, what has a conservative ever done about fixing the issue of homelessness? Their plan is to just throw them in jail probably. There’s only one way to fix homelessness and that’s literally giving these people homes but ain’t no way a Republican would support such a “commie” practice. Their only plan for crime is to treat every criminal like Charles Manson and lock them up and throw away the key, with zero thought towards actual rehabilitation.

  5. Better than the CLOWNS on fox oan NEWSMAX the Republicans Russian PROPAGANDA machine the radical right are using

  6. Everyone dropped their ballots off at the grocery store. No way they already counted them Exit polls are BS.

  7. This is fraud your vote was stolen many went to vote to find when they got there that they had already voted when they had not voted yet.

  8. So I guess California is full of racists, especially after that woman in the gorilla mask threw eggs at larry elder

  9. They are coming for TEXAS. Dems will keep ca blue forever at any cost. That's where the rats nest is. If they get texas, they get it all. You are our Last hope. We can't let them do this.

  10. Hey Brother- Great Breakdown- you alluded to "concern of D operatives"— hmmmm. Why not just say it plainly: They (D operatives) wanted to create a narrative to ensure their voters got out and ended this thing at the time of Absentee Voting (D at home voting)— You carried water for them then, and let them off the hook now. S H A M E Glad for Newsome win, I voted to keep our Gov: But for you? As a source of insightful political news? Nah.

  11. Republicans going to vote in person being told they already voted. Did you think this voter fraud would stop at Biden?

  12. Californians: "We Hate White-Supremacy!" But when they go to the polls, a black man can't win.
    Claifornia's flag already has a Red Star, now all they have to do is add the Red Hammer and Sickle (of Communism) and they be all set for Newsom's continuing rules and mandate madness.

  13. I wanna know who the people voted for who wanted the recall man. How many votes did Meet Kevin Paffrath get?

  14. America has been weighed in the balance and has been found wanting. Your desolation quickly approaches.

  15. Funny how republicans actually care about real issues not some virus that doesn’t affect humans nearly as much as we were told

  16. The election was clearly rigged, people literally were told they had already voted yet still had their own mail in ballot and are the polls for the first time

  17. Californication, cesspool of the nation, where is your used needle, how about some doggy on the grill today, enjoy your narcotics!

  18. If they just let people arm themselves, people wouldn't need to look to the gov to protect them from crime. Decentralized deterrents

  19. This was a massive waste of taxpayers' money. We need to recoup from the folk who signed the recall petition.

  20. If you told the Truth your lips fall off you head, and Land on your boyfriends lap, please keep me misinformed, thank you for your commitment to the people that pay your salary, you're loyalty is very well manicured

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