California Recall: Early Poll Numbers Show Gov. Newsom Leading GOP Challengers

On Tuesday, Californians will decide whether Governor Gavin Newsom should stay in office, or go. The governor is painting Tuesday’s recall election as an opportunity to reject a Republican takeover of the nation’s biggest Democratic stronghold.


  1. the GOP sucks and are nothing but lie spreaders, and co vid spreaders, and boot lickers to the has been done 45, and the people of ca support saftey and smartness, over dangerous and dumb, so thats why newsom will keep his job, and this alder, is a joke, stop living in the 60s, dude, as your place will have no place in CA, or the USA even, in future times to come!, stay safe all, and mask up as were in the non vaccinated ignorant pandemic now due to them, good day all!

  2. I stopped by to vote today , I saw a lady get out of her car with 3 older men , While they were walking in she was telling these older gentleman probably in their 80s or 90s in spanish to vote No on question 1. How is this legal, basically sheep to vote . This stuff happens in third world countries its not suppose to happen here in 🇺🇸

  3. With all the fake mail in ballots I'm sure he is. Along with all the republicans that came in to vote only to find out that they had already voted supposedly. Hmm I wonder how that is? Maybe that felon that was caught with 300,000 blank mail in ballots wouldn't have anything to do with it would it? I wonder how many others didn't get caught with 300,000+ blank mail in ballots? Sounds a lot like the 2020 election. Criminal joe "it's not over until all the mail in ballots are in." Meaning once we know how many fake mail in ballots we have to submit

  4. Wow mandate vaccines and vaccine ID’S but no ID for voting. If they steal this election and Californians don’t rally, then you always will live under dictatorship. I don’t believe the majority are for this corrupt POS Gruesome

  5. The voters ain't stupid we all know you win loosen your stole this election just like Biden did too cuz I'm in California and nobody in their mama wants you to continue in office and all you doing is hurting yourself more by bringing Joe Biden and the laughing hyena all three of you are a big joke

  6. Why don't I ever get to fill out polling data for politics, the only surveys I'm ever given ask what my favorite soft drink is or which of these brands are you familiar with

  7. Interesting, everyone checks for the holes in the envelope when they receive it. Perhaps to know if it will go to the garbage or not. Also interesting how sure they are that the mail in ballots are sure NO. Hard to trust anyone these days.

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