California officer charged with excessive force, victim speaks exclusively to ABC7's I-Team

A mother of three describes the fear she felt and the injuries she suffered, at the hands of a San Jose police officer, who now faces a criminal charge of excessive force. Video shows the officer cuffing the woman. Then, he picks her up by the wrist, forcing her arms back, and drags her, scraping her bare skin on the pavement.

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  1. Police are allowed to lie and manipulate citizens of America they are road pirates Policeing for profit they also still from American citizens with out charging them for anything 🤔🤔🤔🤔????

  2. At the end of the day, there was no weapon. That's a bad sign on now former officer Rodriguez. Still, he had no all dragging that human being across the pavement on her knees. Clearly, he did not know the situation.

  3. This guy should never be a cop. People, listen, cops are not your friend! Have nothing to do with them. I don't care if they are your neighbor, they are liars and abusers. And this attorney is as bad as the cop he defends.

  4. Want to get away with all sorts of assaults ? Harassments ? Murder n Rape ? Come to America n be a cop 👍 . Where the system protects their own to the fullest extent " until further notice " & " ongoing investigations " . Not all cops are bad .. just most of them . Be safe out there y'all n ALWAYS record ANY n ALL interactions with Police . As much as they fear for their lives amongst the people , as we should amongst them .

  5. The police think they are back in the slaveholder days, when the police were slave repatriation forces. Kicking, punching, tasing, choking, are just torture techniques, and should be investigated each time these thug techniques are used.

  6. Just wow , what a coward to handle a female like that and subjecting children to this drama .Narcissistic animal probably gets off on him self looking in the mirror!! The weasel making excuses for the tyrant, saying that there was justified to kick the female in the stomach is just as Pathetic !!

  7. But she her hands in the air and she had no GUN!!! That louse upervisor said it was OK for him to kick her and in the stomach!!! Then he drug her face down!! His supervisor and he is retched to the upmost. Guess what they shall reap what they sewed its coming back but through a family member. Just watch and see and it also will be worse than what they did to that lady and nothing they will be able to do about it but grieve. Oh yeah. Romans 12: 17-19.

  8. That wasn't only excessive force…that was deliberate TORTURE. He put her in every known position to cause the most severe pain. I hope she wins MILLIONS of dollars.

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