1. Dude you're giving money to Bank of America, not your account. Next time learn to write a check. If it's for your BOA account make sure to write your name on the receiving end of the check, not BOA. Also write your account number and signature on the back of the endorsement section of the check.

  2. I had a student account opened by my mom that started when I was in 6th grade, money from summer jobs. This was to be used to buy my first car. Over 5 years of time I had a decent down payment saved. I went to withdraw my money, and got the story it didn't exist, they cancelled all student accounts. My mom was active in the city's social services and personality knew the Mayor, the Chief of police, and our Senator. The Mayor and the Police showed up at the bank with my account records showing my deposits and talked to the banks president and asked about the money. Within an hour my mom was called and the money was credited to my account. They all waited for us to go, close the account and gave us all my money. The Ford dealer across the street made a fantastic deal on my first car. Oddly enough that particular branch no longer exists.

  3. Two drama queens (reporter and Brian). If the check was written to Bank of America, the bank had the money. And it had to explain where that money came from (Brian). Worse case scenario, sue bank, get 33k + pain and suffering. Win-win

  4. Why would this customer need to withdraw from one back and deposit to a different bank to pay a contractor?
    He could of just made the payment from his bank which he had the cashiers check made.

  5. Bank of America makes me sick I live in West l.a. and I believe they've closed down about 8 branches between West LA Santa Monica Culver City Marina del Rey all around the general area and when you find one that's actually open the line sometimes goes around the block with only two tellers sometimes three if you're lucky! And this is a billion billion-dollar Corporation and then run it like it's small mom-and-pop operation! The reality is they don't want to pay their employees they don't even want to pay the people that operate the ATM and I'm talking about just a few people that have to fill it up they don't even want to pay them! I have seen this before I call this the corporate kiss of death! Although I've never seen it at this level this is when you know a company is going to die but at this level it's unprecedented I suggest everyone should pull their money out

  6. The explanation for the money not being in his account is given near the end of the story, people. The check was not made out in the customer's name. It was made out to the name of the bank by mistake by the first bank. I hope he closed both of those accounts and went elsewhere.

  7. The first thing I noticed with the check is that the check made out to BofA and not the account holder. Regardless he did have his bank deposit receipt should have been able to track his deposit with that. BofA just wanted to keep his money.

  8. The banks are nothing more and nothing less than demonic entities evil demonic entities and evil demonic entities that is what a bank is they use you for your money they lie to you and they lie about what they're doing with your money and won't share the profits with you because they are lying to you they are making money off your money without your permission

  9. All of the banks are going to be closed eventually as you know it's already happened and it look what has happened to you as a result for not knowing and not planning ahead

  10. Banks are criminals all banks are criminals there's no such thing as a bank that is not filled with criminals and fraudulent b***** all banks are losers all banks are criminals don't trust the bank with your money

  11. Wow I had a similar problem with Citizens Bank. I paid my mortgage at Citizens Bank and I had my receipt and cancelled check. Citizens said I did not pay my mortgage. It took almost a year to fix with the lawyers from my bank leading the way. As it turns out citizens had the $$$ and said they were not sure what it was for, even with the mortgage account on the check.

  12. Lol..I would of politely laughed at the BofA manager (after showing him my deposit receipt) and sat down at one of their nice empty chairs until they showed me a deposit of $33k in my account.

  13. BOA are scumbags. Closed my accounts with them a long time ago! My experience with them holding my mortgage was awful, having a business account with them was the worst but the biggest mistake was using them for my credit card processing which was a complete disaster. Absolute predators, lost too much money to that scam of a bank.

  14. You say you've never heard anything like this happening at a major banks before. I guess you've already forgot about the man that had to foreclose on a Bank of America bank just to get his money back from the bank. Plus Bank of America has foreclosed on houses and vehicles that were paid off and people reached out to the news for help with there problem and got help.

  15. my bank gave me $4000 of someone else's money. I do not bank online so the first I saw of it was may statement. It showed a check deposited in the amount of $4000 a couple of weeks before. There was a pic of the deposit slip. I looked at the account number and it was just like mine if you read a 9 as a 4…I called the bank immediately, his name was on the slip so I could tell them… they figured it out at that point. I really felt bad for the guy because he could have written a bunch of bad checks unbeknownst to him. ALWAYS use the deposit slip from your account with the number printed on it. That way the numbers are plain. I hope he didn't have bad checks because those he gave them too also would be charged too. Also, because there was a copy of the deposit receipt I also had his bank account number and his name. I think the wrong person could do a lot with that error. Online banking is not for me and always get a balance on the account for AFTER the deposit printed after you make a deposit to prove you did. Errors happen but so do things like theft/embezzlement.

  16. I have had money disappear from my saving's each month, I called about it, they said no problem. I am a senior man, now I called many times back to Bank of America , they all said the same thing, could not talk about it.

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