1. I wonder if this guy realizes how many people think he is an idiot. Make some real change, stop crime and clean up the mess you allowed to happen on the railroad tracks for a start

  2. irrigation+rainfall = evaporation + transpiration + runoff + leaching

    Which one of these processes do Farmers really have control over during the growing season? If you have the ability to irrigate your sandy soils and water is cheap and plentiful, then you are fortunate and have some control on the left side of the equation. If you do not have irrigation, you must look at the factors on the right side of the equation to see what can be controlled or minimized to benefit your crop. Evaporation from the soil surface can be reduced with mulch or leaving crop residue on the soil surface. Transpiration is a function of the plant leaf surface area and the weather. Runoff is or should be minimal in sandy textured soils with high percolation rates.
    This leaves the leaching of water out of the root zone as the #1 controllable loss of moisture to your crop. Interrupting the downward movement of moisture in your soil by installing a "smart" barrier can greatly reduce the leaching of water and nutrients. SWRT subsurface membranes detain/retain up to 90% of irrigation or rainfall in the root zone for crop use by disrupting the gravitational movement of water in the soil while still allowing excess water to percolate and do not create anaerobic soil conditions.

  3. I know I keep hearing you talk about behavioral health care, but one thing I have yet to hear you say is: who is causing these behavioral health care crisis. No you don't want to deal with that, why: money! Who gets paid for this, the same bastards that's causing all the problems in the first place! Deal with them sick twisted mental ill bastards who you put over them mental ill people. Cause it's coming from somewhere! Deal with that!!!

  4. Gee who would have thought. Government raising taxes. Didn’t see that coming. Wonder how many new suits Newsom going to buy with his raise. These progressives leftist are so compassionate…if they were they wouldn’t be millionaires in public office.

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