California earthquake today | moderate earthquake shakes Central California coast, USA

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On Monday October 25, 2021, the United States Geological Survey reported that a moderate earthquake strikes near San Luis Obispo County, California. The earthquake hit in the afternoon, at 4:42 pm local time and ​located at a very shallow depth of 3.2 miles.


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  2. Just moved back to B.C. felt motel rumble and shake thought heavy equipment men. Said to my pugs "was that an earthquake ". Well hearing now yes it was. Just want to go fishing one last time
    With saying to my dogs I was hoping I was wrong but news confirms YES it did happen

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  5. What makes this that special? I’ve lived in California my entire life. It’s the shake and bake state. It’s not newsworthy! Why? Bc The National Earthquake Information center locates nearly 20k earthquakes around the globe each year. Yeah, around 55 per day. Therefore this isn’t breaking news! It’s not even shaking news. If it’s not above a 6 point something, I ain’t feeling it. I went thru the Northridge quake in 1994. That one was a kicker! Right outta bed cuz it was zero dark thirty when it struck. A blind mega thrust is what is was called. It was so severe that it opened a new fault line in Los Angeles. Just what they needed. That was newsworthy natural disaster. Not a moderate tremor in SLO or wherever central region you mentioned.

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