California Dreaming – Faye Wong in Chungking Express

Updated 3/9/22: I made this little montage nine years ago and now it has over two million views. Nice (makes me think I should do something with this channel…). I still love this montage. Back in the 90’s I had that exact same stereo you see at the beginning and end of the video.


  1. 這首歌我花了很多時間才接受到,怎樣聽都很詭異。Hotel California是歌詞恐怖,這首是曲風,總之有加州的歌就恐怖……

  2. 其實有沒有人注意到,周星馳和黃一飛的「我係鐵頭功…我係金剛腿」是California Dreaming??

  3. so i found about this movie by a wonderful girl who told me about it and we kind of had that type of relationship, she is the coolest girl on the planet she works in a laundry shop so everytime we talked i stood on the left side of the entrance and she on the right i invented any kind of stuff just to be with her i fell in love with her for all the little things that she did, everything she knew her genious way of be, her short hair but like in the movie she just went away to another state of mind and well i will forever love her man is so sad excuse my english im from central america i love you Denisse Carolina and i hope someday youll return.

  4. 환상은 없다현실에

    환상을 통해
    현실을 만들어 낼뿐

    실현할수 있을것 같은
    조금만 더
    쬐금 내가 더 노력한다면

    나 죽는거냐

    자살은 싫다

  5. It would be difficult to explain what I enjoyed about this video. It just sort of hit the right notes: the right song, the right actress & film clips, and a bunch of little intangibles that I would not have noticed had I not read your intro to the video.

    Why some creative expressions are so much 'better' than others, why some are more entertaining… there is always some inscrutible level of pure details that is lost the moment one tries to explain it by generalization… which means it always has to be luck if you hit that bullet point too.

  6. If memories ever come in a can, I hope they can never expires. If it has to have a shelf life, I hope it's 10,000 years. ❤️

  7. It's funny how this actress never had more relevance in any other movie, it's as if she was born only for that movie

  8. I can't like this song because of the mamas and the papas. Because of John Philips, an inhumane monster…

  9. This 60s song would never be broadcasted in mainland China during its heyday. If you were caught with the record, they would’ve hanged you up the tree for betraying the little red book 😱

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