California deputy suffers fentanyl overdose after exposure to substance on patrol

Body camera video shows a dramatic rescue involving a deputy who nearly died from fentanyl exposure while investigating a crime scene.

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  1. When you finally come out of it(if you do) there ain't nothing but a bigger a gasp of breath that's as loud as the death rattle you hear after administering narcan and starting CPR

  2. I call bullshit!! Exposure/testing fentanyl won't do shit. Liar, liar,liar he would have had to taste it and he wold not have recalled trying to breathe or his"lungs locking up" . He is so full of shit. You go to sleep and when you come back you are coming out of a fog. it feels like waking up if you are exhausted. I have seen that movie.

  3. I am so emotional about this video !! Thank God he survived! Did anyone else hear he overdosed over and over again??
    I have the Utmost respect for Cop s
    The risks they take everyday. Growing up we were almost encouraged to " Fear Police " !!
    We need to protect these Heroes in any way possible. How could he have known the Fentanyl was exposed.I didn't even see him touch anything. 😳 Thanks to All of the first responders for doing what you !!!
    Ps. It's ķind of like tasting the soup for poison ….. Before it hits the streets!

  4. Wait what? Is this a reality TV show???? Wtf did I just watch? The cop popped a couples pills in his mouth and almost dies while on duty? Lol this is the dumbest shit I have ever seen.

  5. Many Americans will die from this crap, a lot will be our children. Parents teach your children about this! These drugs coming in from Mexico and S America probably funded by China. Wake up!

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