1. OMG, sooooo cuuuuuute! I like his hair longish like that AKA the Skater Look. I just got a screenshot from this and have it as my wallpaper on my iPhone. He is a cute guy. And #awesome!

  2. No, sorry, there is absolutely no question he was off key during this song. He positively struggles vocally (try looking away from the screen and just listen), and this wasn't the first time for this-era Rufus – I remember it well. I love him to pieces, but I think this was the drugs wrecking his concentration and maybe nerves from being on tv.

  3. @vins1979 Getting traumatized to the point where you actually invite male penetration as enjoyment? I don't give two shits about what he does in his personal time but invoking envy on someone that twisted is a tough sell. I'll choose the healthy, fully-functioning emotional state free of molestation issues over the pile of money any day.

  4. I downloaded this song from iTunes when I made a compilation before a trip to California. I kept listening to the lyrics thinking, "Why would you stay in bed when there are so many wonderful things to see in that amazing state?" So I am sure it is all tongue in cheek. First Rufus W song I have heard – but had heard songs by his mother.

  5. @squhillboy
    Really? When I met him (Nov. '08) he was incredibly kind. It was after a concert too, when people wait outside the gate. He came out of his vehicle and took pictures and signed autographs. It was very "magical", if you will.

  6. saw him live, he was spot on and brilliant. when do TV performances ever sound good? even when it's your favourite band, talk shows never sound good

  7. @Rikster1111 Seriously dude.. the fuck does that have to do with anything?

    oh how i love this man! He's a genius and so beautiful and everything, but yes there are quite a few wrong notes and out of tune singing and guitars in this….. let's just say he is amazingly good at singing and guitar playing live now, even if he wasn't then.

  8. He's got a nasal vocal delivery, yes — because he doesn't open his mouth much. Some would label that a problem…others would file it under "distinctive vocal style".

    The complexity of his melodies in particular make them a roller coaster to sing. He's got ears and musical chops to burn. If you don't like the TONE of his singing voice, understandable, but please don't say he can't sing. He sings circles around 97% of people on the planet and has impressive piano chops as well…

  9. he can't sing -plain and simple his dad must foot the bill for this mess–who would buy his cds–check out his video this boy with sean lennon–you will see what i mean

  10. Great comment. With time I learned to leave most of the time the guitar parts for the end while composing/recording, so that it can be special instead of going all-out show-off guitar (unless its a Guitar Song), but like you said, the Guitar is not the Holy Grail of instruments

  11. I dont care who sang this SONG. It would still suck. to me anyway. Heard some hints of The Beatles. Almost saved it.

  12. ReVox777!! how can you say these things? this may not be a great performance, but he has so many really good songs that his voice are great on! lol

  13. awh hes so cute exta skinny and with long hair 🙂

    and thats totally not tim mcgraw on drums

  14. this is my introduction to rufus via "the history boys" and well, the guy has a certain style but the important thing about him is that he plays an instrument and is rather musical. I kind of like him since he is not doing the flashy, catchy, happy tunes we constantly hear on radio, he sounds more like a southern, blues, soft rock, hippie way?

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