California bill would establish COVID-19 vaccine mandate for business employees

A California bill aims to require all businesses in the state to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for their employees. Democratic Assms. Buffy Wicks of Oakland, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters, Evan Low of Cupertino and Akila Weber of San Diego introduced Assembly Bill 1993 last week.

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  1. VOTE these tyrants OUT. They are ignoring the science of Natural Immunity from a prior infection. Buffy Wicks needs to go! Cecilia Aguiar-Curry needs to go! Evan Low needs to go! VOTE THEM OUT!

  2. It's sad how people are perfectly willing to let the government decide what they should be putting into their bodies.. We have the freedom in this country to choose how and what we put into ans on our bodies. But if the Branch Covidians had their way they would happily force us to get them.

  3. I'm cool with they will lose there business. Yet all the chains will be still up and running. The only thing I want to be asked what would I like to eat.

  4. This is an immoral law, just like the people pushing it. The vaccines DO NOT stop covid, this is a fact. Vaccines have not improved anything. If anything, they are to poison a population with a myriad of new physical hindrances that will plague those who receive them for years. Check PFIZER PAPERS. The State of California has one of the most vulgar, useless and inept governments in the United States.

  5. 15.6 billion of "Covid Relief" funds has been allocated to the Ukranian War.
    Thank God.
    Take your experimental- biological/ social engineering programs and divert it to something less harmful in the future, if thats possible.

  6. If it passes we are moving all our businesses out of this once amazing now tyrannical state. Such a shame that our government is making California uninhabitable for the middle and lower class.

  7. Despite all the hypocrisy, chaos, and destruction these idiot politicians have created, it's still 'full speed ahead'. This is no longer about 'science', but getting in the last word. And they're not about to relinquish the power that (unfortunately) too many of our fine fair citizens were willing to give them with these mandates.

  8. Why are they still talking about Covid? The last variant was so weak nobody went to the hospital. We are done with it. We must take action to force the tyrrants in our Government to drop this non-sense emergency order. They are getting rich from it, and we are all getting poorer from it. Do you have any idea how much richer this billions have gotten from covid? Meanwhile, taxpayers are suffering greatly from it.

  9. I was really disappointed in the Supreme Court decision because they did not rule vaccine mandates unconstitutional. They simply said that OSHA didn't have the authority to implement this. It left the door WIDE open for states and local municipalities to implement this. It was intentional IMO

  10. So the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that failed to protect the protected.

    Got it.

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