1. They left out a few things, like typhus, bubonic plague, murder, rape, human trafficking, homelessness, drug use, catch and release criminals, piss and shit soaked streets, and used needles (courtesy of your tax dollars)

  2. No reason to visit California, too costly whatever you buy, too costly to live there and really don't want to be robbed where the judicial system leans in favor of the criminals. Please leave the Union and Annex with Venezuela the political ideation you truly support.

  3. I just now watched this video. Crazy, how you can watch stuff from the past or whatever. Why, just the other day, I watched a movie starring Sean Connery (who is old, mind you), and he was younger on the screen than he is now! It was like watching fiction in a time tunnel, or, or something. Anyway. I've been successfully not living in California since 1982, and look at me now: I am still alive, time traveling, owning dogs, you name it. Life is something else.

  4. Well Ahh-nuld, I can move back to California and restart my burgeoning acting career as soon as you and Jay Leno there get together and give me $30,000 to pay bills, moving, and living expenses! Don't be a CHEAP ASS, I know you can afford it!!!!!

    Who's the girl laying down getting the mud thing on her back? I wanna know!

  5. Quite true. California's economy is suffering because we give lots of money to other states. If it stopped doing that, we would certainly be better off. However, the truth is we are facing deep cuts in education and other sectors, so yeah, we are having economic problems. I think it's time the Republic of California became a reality

  6. Yeah, I just moved here from Ireland.
    They’re all miserable bastards, but the opportunities are great.
    Surround yourself with the right people, but be f**king careful.

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