California 8K Ultra HD Drone Video – Beaches and landmarks

California 8K Ultra HD Drone Video – Beaches and landmarks
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Names of the places are in description of the video. Also, to see names of places you can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC (close captions) icon at the bottom of a YouTube video.
You are invited to see some of the most beautiful places in California and surroundings in 8K resolution. Famous landmarks as Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz prison, Santa Monica Pier, Yosemite National Park.
You can see:
00:00-00:11 Intro
00:12-00:46 Los Angeles
00:47-00:54 Malibu
00:55-01:11 Los Angeles beach
01:12-01:18 Beverly Hills
01:19-01:42 Venice Beach, Los Angeles
01:43-01:59 Santa Monica Pier
02:00-02:32 Queen Mary liner in Long Beach, south of downtown Los Angeles
02:33-03:36 San Diego
03:37-05:13 Big Sur Coastline
05:14-06:09 Lake Tahoe
06:10-06:37 Leo Carillo cliffs
06:38-06:47 Pebble Beach
06:48-07:01 Pacific coast
07:02-07:16 Yosemite National Park
07:17-07:24 Death Valley
07:25-07:34 Monterey
07:35-09:31 San Francisco
09:32-10:05 Bixby Creek, Big Sur Coastline

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  1. This is a whole new level on Youtube. Keep up the good job. Please make more videos about California. Im in love with Yosemite and I would love to see more about that National Park as it has more beauty than most of the people can even imagine.

  2. لو بتشووفي تعليقي يااااا رؤؤؤي ارجووكي كلمينا ع ربي حتي لو موبيل بالشارع بالفيس اي حااجة نطمن انك بخير ,ومتضمنيش اي حد ابداا خدي ال موني وهربي عصااابة

  3. I listen to this as my background music every morning as I talk to God. It’s soothing and the birds chipping reminds me of all God’s creation. Thank you for this!

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